How to Stay Lean During the Holidays

How to Stay Lean During the Holidays

by Tinzer Mills

It’s that time of year again that we as trainers like the call “the black hole” season. It’s that time of year where even our most dedicated clients can put on a few pounds involuntarily just by showing up to family parties and partaking in a couple festivities. My clients seem to disappear in to that November to January black hole but they always reimerge begging me to help them get back on track. So my advice this year to them is DON’T LET YOUR SELF GET OFF TRACK!

If you can make it through the holiday season without gaining any unnecessary weight then you can make it through anything! Here are my ten most helpful pointers when it comes to staying healthy during the holidays.

* Keep your exercise routine regular, if you have obligations for parties and traveling, figure out a way to squeeze in a run outside or use the gym at a hotel/

* When you make a plate at Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday party, only eat one! Don’t go back for seconds or thirds. Mingle and talk with others and avoid those second and third helpings

* Don’t stand next to the buffet table at parties! It will increase your chances of snacking more!

* Fill up on greens and veggies! When you make your plate, make sure that at least half of the plate is made up of something green.

* Portion control! If you must have gravy and sour cream on your potatoes and a slice of pumpkin pie, have some! Just do it in moderation. Do not stuff yourself until your stomach hurts!

* Ease up on the alcohol! Drinking makes you want to eat more so try to lighten up on the spirits. Try to casually sip on a glass of red wine throughout the night.

* Hit the gym twice on the big Days! These include Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve and New Years day. Come on, we all have those days off anyways so why not spend them at the gym?

* Drink lots of water! Drinking lots of water through the holidays can help you feel more full and will keep you hydrated if you tend to drink quite a bit.

* Eat before going to a party. You will tend to eat less there and everyone will be wowed at your self control!

* Most importantly, DON’T GIVE UP WHEN YOU MESS UP! If you have found that you have overeaten or have drunk enough for an army, don’t be hard on yourself! Use the next day to recover not by eating a whole greasy pizza by yourself but by loading up on green foods, water, and fruits. The vitamins and minerals in these foods will help a hangover more than anything and won’t make you feel any worse for what you have eaten.

So have some great holidays this season and stay on track! You can still attend your parties, you will just have a different mindset and come out of it all without guilt!

Tinzer Mills

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