How To Follow A Bodybuilding Diet While Traveling?

Nutrition is what I consider the most important part of a bodybuilders’ regimen. I would also consider nutrition to be the most difficult portion of our program as well. Weight training is a lot of hard work, and requires you to push your body past certain limits. However, weight training makes up a very small portion of your day in comparison to your diet. You nutritional program is something that is a part of this sport 24 hours a day. Faltering for even just a few meals a week can lead us down a path of lost results. For those that have mastered their regimen day in and day out, sometimes you are still thrown curves. I think one of the most feared issues for individuals trying to stick to their diet is traveling, and that’s what we are going to cover here.

After years of following a structured program you begin to learn some tricks. I’m not talking about the flashy “hey look at me with the gallon jug”. I’m talking about the things that you are doing when no one else is looking. Of course we all have our coolers and Tupperwear, but what do you do when you are traveling for a week, possibly not having access to a full kitchen, not able to get to the store, and living out of your suit case in a hotel. Well, let me toss you a few tricks that I have had great success with.

The great thing about most bodybuilding diets is that they are not complicated. We basically have about 5-10 foods we eat on a regular basis. Everything basically revolves around our three macro nutrients; proteins, carbs, and fats.


I feel protein is the easiest macronutrient to come up with while you are traveling. Most of the time restaurants are able to cater to the preparation of ordering without oils and sauces. The downside here is that you may not be able to quantify it in the way that you would when eating at home. Here are a few options you can fall back on for quick and easy protein sources when traveling.

• Tuna Packets
• Salmon Packets
• Chicken Packets
Protein Powder


Depending on the intake of fats in your diet this can be relatively easy. If most of your dietary fats come from your protein sources you should be fine. But trying to get healthy fats at a restaurant or through room service can be challenging. Some restaurants will have avocado and also olive oil, but here is my list of easy to travel with fats.

• Olive Oil
• Almonds
• Almond Butter
• Natural Peanutbutter
Fish Oil


Carbohydrates are what I normally find the hardest to keep clean when trying to dine out or eating away from the house for an extended period of time. Many items like rice, potatoes, and others often require cooking. Many restaurants have our normal carbs, but they are flavor enhanced with butter or oils and that leaves us with narrow choices. When you are in a bind, and need to stay strict, these are a few of my favorite choices for carbs.

• Baby Rice
• Baby Food Sweet Potatoes
• Instant Oatmeal
• Brown Rice Cakes

I have constructed diets using all of the above foods with great success. None of the foods require cooking or refrigeration and can easily be transported in your luggage. I do not claim that eating tuna and salmon packs for a few days is that glamorous, but it can help to keep you on your path to the physique you want.  Best of luck!

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