Food Preparation and The Cooler: Your Strongest Ally For Achieving Bodybuilding Results

As a bodybuilder who wants to experience the most optimal bodybuilding results, the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a cooler and a variety of containers to carry your food with you.  Your bodybuilding results will be tied to your capacity to get frequent meals (once every 2-3 hours) throughout the day (refer to my articles on bodybuilding diets). For this reason, preparation is crucial to the success of your bodybuilding diet. If you are not prepared, you will fail!

What I suggest is that you prepare the next day’s meals either the night before or early the next morning. Store them in the individual food containers and pack them all in the cooler. When the time comes to eat, all you have to do is open up the cooler and choose your corresponding meal, which is ready to eat.  Also, always take a 50-ounce water bottle everywhere you go. No need to dehydrate and die (as I like to say) at work or anywhere else.  When you get home, take out the container for dinner, re-heat it, enjoy your meal and prepare the food for the following day (after washing the containers, of course).  Turn this into a daily habit that is as automatic as brushing your teeth.

If you think you will be able to stick to the bodybuilding plan without being prepared, believe me, you are in for a surprise. You will either end up eating the wrong kinds of food, or missing meals. And in addition, you will definitely end up spending more money because eating out is not cheap.

Therefore, remember that in order to achieve the best bodybuilding gains you need to be prepared!

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