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Hunter Labrada’s Guide to Muscle Growth

Growing up, bodybuilding wasn’t pushed on me at all. This might sound strange to some people, seeing as my dad is Lee Labrada, the IFBB Hall of Fame bodybuilder, but […]

Fish Oil for Muscle Growth and Prevention of Muscle Loss with Aging

A key hallmark of aging is a progressive loss of muscle mass, which occurs independently of health status.[1] Exercise and nutrition are the two main anabolic stimuli for muscle growth […]

Holiday Survival Tactics to Staying On Track With Your Bodybuilding and Fitness Program

The Holidays are here.  They are a time of joy and happiness. However, unfortunately, it is during this time that most people tend to forget about their workouts. If you […]

Road To Jr Nationals

After winning the 2013 Mr Ohio I didn’t have any set plans to compete again anytime soon. In fact there were periods of time in which I was just enjoying […]

What Are Probiotics and Can They Help Us Lose Fat?

In today’s Ask Lee, Dr. Dan Gwartney stopped by to discuss some health topics with Lee and they covered the topic of what are probiotics and whether these help to […]

How I Got Started With Bodybuilding & Why I Created Labrada Nutrition

Wondering how I got started with bodybuilding and why I created Labrada Nutrition? See my video below for the answer: Labrada Nutrition, headquartered in Houston, Texas, was founded by IFBB […]

What Are The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Teens?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Michael Peterson from Atlanta, Georgia: QUESTION: “Lee, Both my teenage son and daughter are getting into bodybuilding. What are the best and safest supplements […]

The Bodybuilding Value of Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract, is it a miracle pill? No, not by any means, but just like a host of other popular supplements it does have positive benefits when used […]

My Personal Diet and Labrada Supplements Use

Being involved with a supplement company has many perks, one of them is being able to experiment with their line of products. I have had the pleasure of being a […]

7 Tips That Prevent Muscle Loss and Help You to Gain It

For many people, the concept of “muscle building” probably seems very mysterious – especially when looking at someone who has an incredible amount of muscle mass. But actually, it’s very […]

Wheat Germ, what is it and why is it so good for you?

Wheat has a whole kernel and that is divided into three parts; bran, endosperm and finally the germ. The bran is obviously the fibrous out layer. This layer is often […]


When you think about developing a supplement program to help support your nutritional requirements and efforts in the gym, what’s the first supplement that you think about? Is it a […]


One of the main objectives I had when I first started training was to make sure to listen to those guys that were older and wiser than I was about […]

Urgent Action Needed: FDA Trying to Drastically Limit Nutritional Supplements

Less than three generations ago, the demographics of the U.S. population were vastly different. As well, the prevalence and urgency of health conditions were also very dissimilar to those faced […]


There are a lot of nutritional supplements on the market today that don’t work very well, and others that are downright deceptive in terms of what they promise you and […]