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Why Insulin Resistance Diabetes Can Affect Fat Loss and How to Fix It

If you are having trouble losing weight, then you may have insulin resistance diabetes or IR. This is a form of diabetes where the body fails to respond to the […]

Prehabilitative Training

Prehab implies that you rehab before it is needed. Prehabilitive modalities include activities such as stretching, foam rolling, massage, therapeutic exercises, and post exercise icing. These modalities not only manage […]

How to Retain Muscle After Surgery

I laid back on the bench and I went through the same set up ritual I’d done thousands of times before. My three warm up sets were complete and this […]

Taking Care of Your Liver for Optimal Health and Performance

We now live in a world where our food, water, and air are soiled by toxins. With the amounts that we are exposed to daily it is inevitable for them […]

Healing by Material Means

Recently I was reading a book called Some Answered Questions by Abdu’l-Baha and the chapter called Healing by Material Means caught my attention to the point of wanting to write […]

Different Types of Muscle Soreness Caused By Weight Training

Soreness is a normal part of the recovery process that starts once you finish your bodybuilding workouts. There are several degrees of soreness that we need to be aware of: […]

How Bicep Curls Can Help Stop Shoulder Pain

The bicep tendon has a very special role in stabilizing the shoulder joint. The long head of the bicep literally is the primary stabilizer of the top of the glenohumeral […]

Improved Quality of Life for Elders

The number one cause of injury in older adults are falls. Each year one in three people over the age of 65 will experience a fall that could cause serious […]


If you missed Part 1, clic here : HOW TO DESIGN A WEIGHT TRAINING PROGRAM FOR GROWTH – MUSCLE GROWTH PART 1 As you go about your plan to build […]

Common Fitness Questions

Does Zinc cure the common cold? A recent study showed that zinc given to patients within 24 hours of the onset of symptoms reduces the duration and the severity of […]


Hey LABRADA Nutrition fans! As we all very well know, WEIGHT TRAINING is absolutely essential in order to GAIN MUSCLE. However, you know what is also a necessary component of […]

Allergies and working out

Chances are at some point, you will have some issue with allergies and working out. It may not be constant or you may have issues all the time, but it […]

Proper Rest and Listening to Your body

If you’ve been around the gym for a while, you’ve probably heard the saying “No pain, no gain”. This is a completely true saying, but only when pain is defined […]

Understanding concussions

If you are a trainer, athlete, medical or military personnel, coach or concerned parent, this information can help anyone understand traumatic concussions. It is estimated that over 55% of all […]

How to Fix Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is typically caused by rotator cuff issues. Rotator cuff injuries are commonly associated with motions that require repeated overhead motions or forceful pulling motions. A rotator cuff injury […]