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The Fitness Lifestyle Can Save and Change Lives

Outside of the fitness industry, I have another career. I work as a child advocate and a speaker for Childhood Domestic Violence in my home state of West Virginia. As […]

Why Hire A Personal Trainer & How To Find A Good One?

I remember over ten years ago, when I used to work in corporate, being at my company’s gym, looking at the trainers and wondering why anyone would hire them. If […]

The Journey After The Lean Body Challenge With Wes Williamson

Who is Wes Williamson? Wes Williamson is a 50-year-old man who decided it was time he took control of his overall health. Back in 2009 Wes joined the Lean Body […]

Life is Unpredictable: How I Went from Corporate to Personal Training

Five years ago it was unthinkable that one day I would be a personal trainer with my own business, teaching bootcamps, participating in triathlons and half marathons, with exercise videos […]

Top 5 Obstacles to a Lean Body

Are you ready for this week’s “lesson in leanness?” I hope so ’cause right here and now I’m going to reveal the top 5 obstacles you must overcome if you […]

5 Tips To Creating The Best Bodybuilding Progress Pictures

Bodybuilding and physique sports require the task of making minor adjustments to your program on a regular basis to ensure that your progress does not come to a halt. Individuals […]

The Making of a Champion

What is a Champion? As I watched the evening finals from the backstage area of a bodybuilding show on a Saturday night, I found myself pondering the meaning of the […]

Get Your Head Right! Your Success Depends on It!

“Where the mind goes, the body will follow.” – Unknown This may appear to be another quote to inspire you but you should take this seriously if you play a […]

How Bodybuilding Changed My Life

Growing up in my younger years wasn’t as cool and exciting as I thought it would be. Coming from a family where genetics wasn’t our strong suit didn’t help much […]


After watching years and years of TV commercials, sitcoms, and dramas, we’ve been deceived. We’ve come to believe that most of our health and beauty problems can be solved in […]

Passing The Torch

Knowledge is power. How many of us have heard that phrase before? All of us right? These little words will forever have the biggest impact on your life. What I […]

The 3 Levels Of Consistency

In the sport of physique alteration, consistency is the end all, be all. Consistency is defined as a steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc… Why would I […]

The Power of Positive Self-Affirmation

Show me a successful person and I will show you a person who began with their goals in mind. Success and failure both begin in the mind. Successful people aren’t […]

Tips For Being Happy With Your Looks

“Out, damned spot; out I say.” This dramatic line was spoken by the character Lady MacBeth after she and her husband conspired and assassinated their King. Though her “spot” was […]


A while ago, the Gallup organization conducted one of their most extensive … and I might add … one of their most important surveys ever. They wanted to check on […]