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Secrets for Creating a New You!

Let’s face it: there’s never been a more perfect time in our lifetime to take action and get into amazing shape. With all of the information that we have on […]

What does it take to be an American Ninja Warrior?

As a kid you probably imagined yourself as a deadly Ninja assassin, silently lurking in the shadows, poised to leap upon an unsuspecting sibling. You would deliver a secret death […]

3 Steps To Achieve Your Goals

How many of you are still focused on the New Year’s goals you set for yourselves in 2015? Are you still excited about making those incremental improvements to reach personal […]

The World’s Most Valuable Commodity

There are many things in this world that are valuable… work, family, health, possessions, and so forth. But it could be argued that the most valuable thing you’ll ever have […]

K.I.S.S. for Bodybuilding Success

The acronym “Keep it simple stupid” or “K.I.S.S.”, has been used for decades by the military, business schools, medical schools, and in countless other areas where unneeded complexity should be […]

The Key to Motivation is Tracking Your Progress

“If you can’t measure your progress, you can’t stay motivated.” Write this into your workout log, scribble it on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror, […]

Conditioning Counts in a Bodybuilding Contest

Bodybuilding contest season is now fully underway. For individuals interested in competing on a bodybuilding contest, or that are currently in prep, I want to discuss the importance of conditioning. […]

Paretto Principle: Eighty Percent Of Results Come From Twenty Percent Of The Work

Have your ever heard of “The Paretto Principle?” The Paretto Principle simply states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the work. In other words, the majority of […]

Be More Than Strong

I would say far too many guys at the gym believe being strong automatically makes them tough. Undoubtedly, this comes from the fact that in the animal kingdom, size tends […]

What Is The Peak Muscle Mass That Can Be Achieved Drug-Free?

Previously, I wrote about the realistic limit for dropping body fat. Why? Because many people approach what can be considered the best natural degree of leanness and feel unfulfilled because […]

Finding Your Support Group

Have you ever just lost motivation in your workouts or nutrition plan? Have you ever thought of just quitting? Well what keeps you motivated and pushing ahead? Is it your […]

Staying In Shape…It’s The Right Thing To Do!

One of the biggest questions I am often asked, is how I balance my full-time job, training and parenting. There is no secret for how I do it, but there […]

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude

I make my living by flying across the country and speaking to all types of groups and all kinds of people. So I spend a lot of time on airplanes. […]

Why I Ran a Half Marathon without Training

In my younger days I was one of those people who thought that only someone insane would “pay to run” by signing up for a race. However, when I worked […]

2015…Is This Your Year?

My question to you is, is this YOUR year? Is this year going to be the same old routine of setting new goals only to let them fall to the […]