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What Are The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Teens?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Michael Peterson from Atlanta, Georgia: QUESTION: “Lee, Both my teenage son and daughter are getting into bodybuilding. What are the best and safest supplements […]

11 Tips for Staying Lean

… “What goes up, must come down.” When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune, he must have been thinking about some of the professional […]

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Veronica Williams of Huntington Beach California: QUESTION: “I hear different ideas about whether one should do long distance cardio or high intensity cardio. Do […]

Lose Body Fat – Not Your Mind!

As you probably already know, losing body fat has to be one of the most challenging , if not most misunderstood, endeavors that any bodybuilding aficionado can undertake. Losing body […]

Top 5 Obstacles to a Lean Body

Are you ready for this week’s “lesson in leanness?” I hope so ’cause right here and now I’m going to reveal the top 5 obstacles you must overcome if you […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

… Bobby is an off-season bodybuilder wanting to lose a few pounds of flab around his mid- section, in time for the summer beach season. Bobby follows a well-balanced, high […]

2014 Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Ceremony Pictures & Video

Here are some great images taken by Mike Hall from my Muscle Beach Hall of Fame ceremony this past Monday (Sept 1, 2014). Thanks to everyone who was there in […]

The Making of a Champion

What is a Champion? As I watched the evening finals from the backstage area of a bodybuilding show on a Saturday night, I found myself pondering the meaning of the […]

The Power of Positive Self-Affirmation

Show me a successful person and I will show you a person who began with their goals in mind. Success and failure both begin in the mind. Successful people aren’t […]

Lee Labrada’s Tips for Staying Lean

“What goes up must come down.”  When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune,  he must have been precognizantly referring to some of the professional […]

5 Tips for Pushing Past A Bodybuilding Plateau

By now, most of you realize that I am an advocate of brief, but intense workouts. The goal is to maximize the amount of work (read “stress”) you place on […]

Improve Your Habits to Improve Your Body!

Dear Friend, What would you say if I told you that your level of “self-discipline” might not be quite “up to snuff” when it comes to building a lean and […]

Set Your Fitness Goals And Achieve Them!

 If you want to set your fitness goals and achieve them, this week’s tip is stuffed with powerful concepts to help you change your body, fast. It is, quite likely, […]

Waist Wasteland

Have you noticed how the waistlines of competitive bodybuilders seem to be expanding with each passing year? It could be argued that as physiques get bigger, waistline measurements will grow […]

Lee Labrada’s Rules For Staying Lean While Eating At Restaurants

Restaurant eating can be a big challenge for you when it comes to maintaining your body weight (especially over the weekends). Restaurant food is typically high in calories and fat, […]