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Lean Body Challenge Success Tips

Winning the Lean Body Challenge was a life changing experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.  It was truly a journey with its peaks and valleys. With that said, if you […]

Garden Pizza with Grilled Chicken & Ricotta

INGREDIENTS 1 ea. Whole wheat pizza dough 3/4 cup marinara sauce 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken breast, chopped 1 cup chopped bell peppers 1 ea. Tomato, thinly sliced 2/3 cup […]

Promoting A Healthy Lifestyle

As we all engage in our daily routines throughout the day, have you ever wondered if you have made a difference in someone’s life?  Now depending on the job and […]

8 Common Dieting Mistakes That Cripple Your Fat Loss

So you’ve been making great progress on your diet, when all of sudden… you stop. Your weight is not budging the scale to go down,your abs are not getting more […]

5 Diet Tips For First Time Bodybuilding/Fitness Competitors

Bodybuilding contest season is now fully underway. For individuals interested in competing for the first time on a bodybuilding or fitness contest, today I want to discuss 5 tips that […]

How To Vacation And Stay On Track With Your Bodybuilding Diet

… Have you ever wondered how people tend to let their bodybuilding diet fall to the side when they are on vacation? Many people do the typical “Get In Shape” […]

Finding Your Support Group

Have you ever just lost motivation in your workouts or nutrition plan? Have you ever thought of just quitting? Well what keeps you motivated and pushing ahead? Is it your […]

Staying In Shape…It’s The Right Thing To Do!

One of the biggest questions I am often asked, is how I balance my full-time job, training and parenting. There is no secret for how I do it, but there […]

2015…Is This Your Year?

My question to you is, is this YOUR year? Is this year going to be the same old routine of setting new goals only to let them fall to the […]

Your Guide to Food Prepping Like a Pro

        . Food prepping is one of the most useful ways that has helped me to stay on track with my clean eating, especially after becoming a […]

Why Hire A Personal Trainer & How To Find A Good One?

I remember over ten years ago, when I used to work in corporate, being at my company’s gym, looking at the trainers and wondering why anyone would hire them. If […]

The Journey After The Lean Body Challenge With Wes Williamson

Who is Wes Williamson? Wes Williamson is a 50-year-old man who decided it was time he took control of his overall health. Back in 2009 Wes joined the Lean Body […]

Lee Labrada’s Tips for Staying Lean

“What goes up must come down.”  When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune,  he must have been precognizantly referring to some of the professional […]

Do You Have The Ideal Body Proportions?

Everyone of us who has passed through the biological trauma that is adolescence has wondered in various times and settings how we measure up to our peer group, or some […]

Food Prep…It’s Easier Than You Think!!!

Where do you get time to prepare your food? You must be in the kitchen for hours, How do you do it? Those are the two most common questions that […]