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What Is The Right Amount of Protein?

This week Dr. Dan and I are discussing the topic of protein, and the proper amount to consume based on your own body weight. Watch The Video To See Lee’s […]

5 Diet Tips For First Time Bodybuilding/Fitness Competitors

Bodybuilding contest season is now fully underway. For individuals interested in competing for the first time on a bodybuilding or fitness contest, today I want to discuss 5 tips that […]

Alcohol and Weight Loss: Bartender Give Me Another Round of Calories

Millions of Americans are involved in some sort of weight loss diet and between 65-75% of them are drinking alcohol.  A vast majority of them are not counting those calories.  […]

Food Combining: Does It Matter What You Eat With What?

There are many food combining myths. Some food combining diets encourage people to eat foods that somehow enhance the body’s ability to digest them. There is no scientific evidence that […]

Road To Jr Nationals

After winning the 2013 Mr Ohio I didn’t have any set plans to compete again anytime soon. In fact there were periods of time in which I was just enjoying […]

How To Reduce Chest Fat

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Mark Schneider of Seattle Washington: QUESTION: “Lee what’s the best way for me to get rid of the extra fat I have on my […]

How To Develop Your Dream Midsection With The Right Abdominal Training and Diet

I think we can universally agree that everyone wants a tight, nice set of abs and a slim, muscular waistline, whether they admit it or not. And why not? Nothing […]

Do You Have To Burn 3,500 Calories To Lose a Pound of Fat?

A pervasive dieting mantra is a cumulative reduction of caloric intake of 3,500 will result in a weight loss of 1 pound. This dieting rule popularly states “because 3,500 calories […]

3 Lessons on Training and Nutrition for Losing Fat & Gaining Muscle

Every quarter I like to sit down and reflect on where my bodybuilding diet and training currently is, what I have learned, and what changes I need to make. I […]

What Are Probiotics and Can They Help Us Lose Fat?

In today’s Ask Lee, Dr. Dan Gwartney stopped by to discuss some health topics with Lee and they covered the topic of what are probiotics and whether these help to […]

How To Start Working Out For Fat Loss / Weight Loss?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from John Schakley of New York: QUESTION: “Lee I am 60 pounds overweight and just don’t know how to start getting in shape. I’ve recently […]

What Are The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Teens?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Michael Peterson from Atlanta, Georgia: QUESTION: “Lee, Both my teenage son and daughter are getting into bodybuilding. What are the best and safest supplements […]

11 Tips for Staying Lean

… “What goes up, must come down.” When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune, he must have been thinking about some of the professional […]

HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Veronica Williams of Huntington Beach California: QUESTION: “I hear different ideas about whether one should do long distance cardio or high intensity cardio. Do […]

How To Vacation And Stay On Track With Your Bodybuilding Diet

… Have you ever wondered how people tend to let their bodybuilding diet fall to the side when they are on vacation? Many people do the typical “Get In Shape” […]