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Is Exercise More Than Just a Calorie Burning Tool?

Exercise is commonly seen as a tool to burn off calories and stored body fat. While exercise has potential to greatly increase calorie burn off and fat burning, as seen […]

Avoid These 5 Fitness Mistakes

Do you find yourself in the predicament of consistently hitting the gym? Are you eating healthy but still not seeing the results you want? The factors that may be hindering […]

Top 10 Foods for Building Muscle

There is nothing more aggravating than when you work your tail off in the gym and seemingly can’t build any muscle. But It’s not good enough to simply train hard […]

The Most Simple Weight Loss Tips No One Follows

I have a Cheez-It problem. You’re not listening, I really have a Cheez-It problem! I have never met a Cheez-It I didn’t like.* Some people can’t resist chocolate or ice […]

Apple & Vanilla protein muffins

These super-moist muffins are a snap to whip up! Make a quick batch right after dinner, let them cool while putting the kids to bed and pack them away before […]

You’re Lean… Now Get SHREDDED!

Most articles on weight/fat loss are directed at the people needing or wishing to lose 30 pounds or more. There are also people “in shape” though that still want to […]


If you’re training and diet have taken your physique into a plateau, you may be committing one or more of these fatal flaws. Welcome to the era of “almost” – […]

Chickpea & Edamame Salad

Sometimes, you just want to go meatless. There are plenty of foods to brighten up a green salad but we wanted to create something with a little more substance, and […]


Unquestionably, the one “sports supplement” that has been universally used is a protein supplement. Ask people how much creatine, beta-alanine, magic fairy dust, whatever supplement they use and many are […]

Garden Pizza with Grilled Chicken & Ricotta

INGREDIENTS 1 ea. Whole wheat pizza dough 3/4 cup marinara sauce 1 1/2 cups cooked chicken breast, chopped 1 cup chopped bell peppers 1 ea. Tomato, thinly sliced 2/3 cup […]

Peanut Butter Chocolate French Toast Casserole

INGREDIENTS • 12 slices whole wheat bread • 4 whole eggs, scrambled together with whites • 4 egg whites • 6 scoops LABRADA Iso LeanPro, Chocolate • 4 Tbs. peanut […]

Optimize Your Hormones For Maximum Gains

One topic that seems to be a never-ending source of confusion is blood, or more precisely, understanding blood work and which tests to get and why. It never fails to […]

Holiday Survival Tactics to Staying On Track With Your Bodybuilding and Fitness Program

The Holidays are here.  They are a time of joy and happiness. However, unfortunately, it is during this time that most people tend to forget about their workouts. If you […]

To HIIT or not to HIIT

Just about everyone and his mama has heard about High Intensity Interval Training, or H.I.I.T. for short. H.I.I.T. has been found to have various advantages over other forms of exercise […]

8 Common Dieting Mistakes That Cripple Your Fat Loss

So you’ve been making great progress on your diet, when all of sudden… you stop. Your weight is not budging the scale to go down,your abs are not getting more […]