Using Leverage Advantageous Exercises to Grow Your Upper Pecs

I get this question from a lot of people and it is one that I have thought about myself over the years. The questions and my answer are below. “I […]

Hormones: Keys To Muscular Success and Longevity

Let us begin at “Control Central”: The Hypothalamus. This all-controlling organ is located in the brain. It depends on feedback loops and sends messages to various target organs to create […]

Over 40 Training In Your Basement with Limited Equipment and Win a Contest

Just last week I had an online client who posed this question to me: “I am 55 years old and I have competed in bodybuilding a few times as a younger man, but now, […]

Tall Man’s Arm Bodybuilding Training Routine

In this bodybuilding question and answer, I talk about how tall men should train the triceps in order to get the best results from their training.


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