Common Issues People Could Be Having With Their Fitness Program…

Common Issues People Could Be Having With Their Fitness Program… by Mike Messer Here are some common issues people could be having with their fitness program. My wife and I […]

No Time?…My Time!!!

I have heard numerous people tell me they just can’t find the time to make it to the gym. I have heard the craziest excuses and can’t help but shake […]

No pain no gain….right???

Things are humming along, you have moved into the home stretch and the light is appearing at the end of the tunnel. You are at the gym, you are nailing […]

Send ’em in, then keep going!!!

For almost everyone competing in this Challenge, the sand is pouring through the hourglass; the end is within reach! Some have already finished and have their comparison pictures. Finish the […]

Some Challenges…

Ok, I know I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I would have liked to; (and some of you have let me know about it….often) life gets crazy […]

Be Prepared

You know the feeling, it’s late at night and you are driving home. You had a nice day at work and the radio is blaring just the perfect mix of […]

Celebrate your Successes!

I was working and having a difficult time. For some reason, my pants wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to. I “hitched them up,” only to find that a few […]

My thoughts after week 1….

I am in my second week of the challenge and wanted to post some notes to help other contestants. The thoughts that I provide are just nuggets of knowledge that […]

New Years 2010 Lean Body Challenge

Four days. Four days until the deadline. Registration is still being accepted up to January 11th. If you have already made your New Year’s Resolution and are determined that this […]

Here I go again!

A few weeks ago I watched a popular weight loss show that runs on TV. I was especially interested in this particular episode because it was going to chronicle past […]

Avoid the “Danger Zone”

The popular 80’s movie, Top Gun featured a heart pumping song by Kenny Loggins: Danger Zone. “Ride into the Danger Zone;” and the image of 4 naval officers in a […]

Today is the Day…

It was early Sunday morning when I blinked my eyes open and the first thought to enter my head was, “Today is the day.” I went through my morning routine […]

More than 1/3 down!

For those of you competing in this Lean Body Challenge, congrats because you are more than 1/3 of the way complete! Some of you will have already started to see […]

12 Weeks!

Well for most of you, today is day number 1. It is important to get in the right mindset right off the bat. Hopefully you have looked over both the […]