Pack A Bag

The new year is rapidly approaching, and it’s time for us to contemplate New Year’s resolutions! Mine came earlier than expected. A few months ago, feelings of guilt and remorse […]

The Dress of Christmas Yet To Come

The Thanksgiving holidays are fast approaching.  Before you know it, we’ll blink and Christmas will be over.  I want to share a special story with you that I revisit each […]

Food Journals – Part 2

Last time in “Food Journaling – Part 1”, we discussed the importance of balancing our nutritional checkbook.  And, left off with a challenge to write down everything you consumed to […]

Food Journals – Part I

I had a friend who never balanced her checkbook. She never knew if there was enough money in the bank to cover her transactions. She panicked quite often, called her […]

How To Take a Good “Before” Picture

Several years ago, my mother decided to sort all of her photographs and give them to her four children. She asked for my thoughts, suggestions and help. So, I purchased […]

Be Your Own #1 Supporter

Recently I spoke to a group of people who hope to have some sort of weight loss surgery within the next few months. The topic was “Support Needed For Success.” […]

A Lifetime of Habits

*This article is written with the gastric bypass patient in mind.  After weight loss surgery, individuals receive new instructions or “rules” when it comes to eating patterns and nutrition. Each […]

Who Actually Likes Protein Drinks?!?

I meet people, both in person and online, who say that they do not like protein drinks. They invest quite a bit on a huge canister of protein powder only […]

My Journey So Far

I was thinking the other day about how I would describe the journey of a weight loss surgery patient. It’s much like a video clip that has been fast forwarded […]

Weight Lifter – Weight Loss Surgery Patient – Wait A Minute?!

Weight lifter. Those two words invoke an image in my mind of Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Schwartzenneger with rippling muscles, the perfect physique, and the ultimate picture of health & […]