Phase Training for BIG Gaining

Back in the mid-90s, which sounds incredibly long ago, I was lucky enough to land a job with one of the premiere muscle rags, Iron Man Magazine. Almost immediately upon […]

Quick Tips for Getting Lean… And Staying There

With summer coming to an end at a more rapid pace than anyone would care to admit, there are still plenty of trainees looking for ways to get ripped quick. […]

Heavy Today, Pre-Ex Tomorrow

Recovery times can vary a great deal between individuals, so many people err on the side of caution and train so that they get a full 7 days of recovery […]

A Less-Weight Change for Big Gains?

Many gym rats find themselves stuck in the mindset of needing to always train heavy in order to grow.  By doing that, however, they can miss out on key sarcoplasmic […]

Pain-Free Exercise For Tris

If you have trouble with developing your triceps, especially the long-head, you’re not alone. Many people develop elbow issues because of cumulative overload on the joint from heavy usage.  Stretch […]

Motivation: Seize the Moment

Motivation and inspiration are two words that are often interchanged, yet have distinctively different meanings.  The basic difference is that inspiration comes from within and can keep you motivated, while […]

Phase Training for Size Gaining

At some point in most of our fitness lives, we’ve all been asked if we work out—and even worse if followed by the comment: “Really? You lift weights?” That’s about […]

Mr. O Delts That Make Them Say “Oh!”

.Analyzing the training routines of some of the past bodybuilding champions can be a great way to come up with ideas. That’s true for former Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman’s training […]

One HIT For Big Arms?

        ————– Building muscular size is often all about experimentation. In fact, the 3D HIT program was an experiment into one-set-per-exercise intensity training. There had been lots […]

Be Bigger, Leaner and Stronger by Summer

It’s hard to believe that it’s another spring season with summer just around the corner.  If you’re anything like most of us, you’re probably proclaiming that is going to be […]

Stretch Overload for Schwarzenegger Size

One big reason that Arnold’s physique was so far ahead in freaky size and proportion was likely his meticulous attention to stretch overload. Yes, the topic has been a theme […]

Grow Like a Pro

Although it was a very long time ago, I can still remember my first few years of training as a teenager. I was completely obsessed with mass.  Back then I […]

Shorten Your Workout AND Build More Muscle?

… …..   We’ve all had days when life doesn’t cooperate quite as much as we’d like and we end up needing to cut our workouts short on time.  That doesn’t […]

The Negative-Accentuated Way to Burn Fat All Day

Spring is just around the corner so questions about getting into shape for the warm-weather months are coming in frequently.  Many are asking if a 4-days-per-week routine, like the one […]

Weight Training on an Empty Stomach: Don’t Do It

Weight Training on an Empty Stomach: Don’t Do It by Jonathan Lawson With spring on the horizon, many of you are likely setting new goals for the warm weather months.  Trying […]