Add Some Power and Speed-Shift to Your TORQ

If you’ve followed my blogs much, you’ve probably noticed a high number of training technique variations that seem to go against conventional wisdom. As the years have gone on, I’ve […]

Time Flies On The Quest For Muscle Size

It’s hard to believe it’s been a full 10 years since Steve Holman and I started our site. It’s also hard to believe that we had trained together for […]

Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You From Growing

High-rep, tension-overload (TORQ) training provides an unreal feel, and it’s been adding new size to trainees in surprisingly short time periods. Feedback has come in from multiple people claiming impressive […]

Build Fantastic Forearms to Match Those Great Guns

If there’s one muscle group that everyone wants to build up to impressive dimensions, it’s arms. As much as most trainees focus on the size of their upper arms, however, […]

Keeping Track To Stay On Track

There are a couple of great ways to keep track of your progress in the gym, whether those goals are building muscle or burning fat. Keeping track of progress visually […]

Increase Volume and Recovery Time For Increased Muscle!

I constantly hear from trainees who love the 3D Positions-of-Flexion training approach. The infatuation is generally because it’s so logical, easy to follow, and it produces results. Full-range training (focusing […]

Lighter Weights for MORE Muscle?

For beginners and veterans alike, there’s one “fact” that everyone involved in fitness and bodybuilding is absolutely sure of: You have to train heavy to grow! Well, I hate to […]

10 Ways to Optimize Your Goals

While setting goals and making sure to put specific end dates to those goals is paramount, the date you set should reflect when you want to have accomplished your goal, […]

Two-For-One Muscle-Building Moves

For those who have 3D Muscle Building in your library already, you may have noticed that the one-arm cable lateral is described as a stretch-position exercise for the medial-delt head. […]

Dumbbells or Barbells? The Answer is Simple!

It’s an age-old question in the iron game… Are dumbbells or barbells better for building muscle? Well, when it comes to any type of bench press, dumbbells allow a fuller […]

Squat Less, Grow More?

For as long as I can remember, most people have believed that you absolutely need to squat heavy in order to grow, but some may call that brainwashing. I was […]

Revitalize for More Muscle Size

One way to deal with the every day stress of life is to simply take a different route to work. Literally. Even if that means taking a little longer to […]

Impressive Muscle Gaining with Range of Motion and Phase Training

Most of us have been at that awkward point in our training lives: embarrassed to say we work out because of the puzzled looks followed by the devastating comment: “Really? […]

Aftershock for More Lat-itude

If you’re utilizing a few different intensity techniques in your training, it’s very likely that you can hit most muscle fibers with just two sets if you plan it right.  […]

Continuous Tension to Expand Your Dimensions

These days I’m all about getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to effort. With real life to deal with outside of the gym, I like quick-hit […]