The Million Dollar Question—How to Lose Fat

by John Rowley Losing fat is simple once you know what you’re doing. Body fat is stored fuel. Just like gas in your car. When you want the car to […]

Consistency Wins Every Time

Consistency Wins Every Time by John Rowley Consistency is one of the most over looked attributes of successful people and the easiest to acquire. Not long ago Lou and Carla […]

The Third Quarter Rule

When I was a runner I quickly realized that the third part of the race was the most important. Everyone puts the emphasis on the start and finish but the […]

Don’t Worry About It…

So often I hear people tell someone who messed up “don’t worry about it” OK worry may not be a good emotion but you need to do something about it. […]

American Idol Success Principles

….More Then A Good Voice! Scotty McCreery & Lauren Alaina are now in the top two of American Idol. Two very nice young people, with tons of talent that come […]

Imagine What You Could Accomplish

…if you simply stopped working against yourself. You can have the most incredible God given talents, abilities and skills and the best education money can buy and still fail.

Planning vs Reacting

It is Sunday how is next week looking for you?  Have you even thought about it? In every area of our life we have a choice to plan or wing […]

The Power of Lifestyle

The key to achieving the Power of Positive Fitness Lifestyle is to simply make it part of your life. “The more prepared you are the more confident you become” – […]

Time Management Made Simple

The simple way to manage time is not to manage time at all! Sounds odd?  Well lets look at time management.  How do you manage time?  You can’t the clock […]

You Gotta Eat. Some Fun Lessons From The Neighborhood

John Rowley talks about the importance of meal frequency for your fat loss efforts.

Lessons from the life of Jack LaLanne

Jack was a scrawny,sickly kid and at 15, he decided to do something about it. He honored his decision and didn’t back down because people challenged or tried to discourage […]

Protein Made Simple

How much protein? The rule of thumb is at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For example, a 100 pound person would take at least 100 […]

Back to School – Back to Fitness

This was orignially posted on my Martha Stewart Whole Living page.  I know most on this site are much more advanced in thier fitness routines.  I thought it would be […]

Are you using food as a drug at times?

We all have different strategies to distract ourselves from things we don’t like and sometimes these are very counter productive. Many times these counter productive behaviours are simply you running […]

You will get what you focus on!

Your experience of life will always be the reflection of what you focus on. Focus on the bad economy, the annoying neighbor or the jerk in the gym and you […]