Day 1 of YOUR transformation. FREE Instructional Video!

Day 1 of YOUR transformation. FREE Instructional Video! by John Rowley I get so many requests on how to do certain exercises and in what order. I am also asked […]

The Power Of Procrastination…

The Power Of Procrastination… by John Rowley  

Raise The Bar

Raise The Bar by John Rowley  

Genetics Vs Conditioning

Genetics Vs Conditioning by John Rowley  

The Danger Of A Quick Fix

The Danger Of A Quick Fix by John Rowley Slow and steady wins the race as the old adage goes. There is a reason for this.  Quick results are often […]

Mangia—Let’s Eat!

“Mangia!” “Let’s eat!” in Italian (pronounced monja). by John Rowley I grew up in an ethnic New York neighborhood that was mostly Italian. Whenever you went to someone’s house, it […]

Fad Diets, Revolutionary New Workouts & Habits

Fad Diets, Revolutionary New Workouts & Habits by John Rowley Fad diets don’t work for losing weight! Revolutionary new work out routines don’t work for burning fat or building lean […]

Use Your Head!

The fitness and diet industry is a 200 billion dollar a year cash cow! Simply put, it pays to confuse you. You have to take personal responsibility for your life […]

Lee On The Radio

Lee On The Radio by John Rowley Lee Labrada is going to be with me live on my radio show on Wed, March 21st, taking all questions. How to best […]

Team Labrada You Were Born To Win!

Do not underestimate the value of your life. You were born to win. In fact you were made on purpose, for a purpose! 33 years ago I had all my […]

Tom Terwilliger Challenges You To A Higher Level In 2012!

I love what Lee has done with this site! He is always working on ways to improve everything he is involved with and this site is no exception. He wants […]

Watch Your Fuel Gage…

by John Rowley When driving your car,  you watch your gas gauge to make sure you have enough fuel to get where you are going. Much like your car your body […]

Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple by John Rowley Sometimes we have a tendency to complicate things.

You Are the Answer

You Are the Answer by John Rowley Everyone seems to be looking for answers to the economy out there somewhere. A strong national economy starts with a strong personal economy. A […]

The Power of Habits

The Power of Habits by John Rowley “Motivation is what gets you fired up and moving, but your daily habits are what catapult you to success long after the motivation is […]