Embrace The Change – Enjoy The Journey

Health and Fitness is a lifestyle and an ongoing journey to become better physically and mentally. Embracing the change and enjoying the journey are the two most important aspects, as […]

10 Fitness Tips to keep in mind to maximize your results!

1) Starving yourself, not eating the right food, doing 2-3 hours of cardio everyday, not adding resistance training into your program and not resting, its not the way of losing […]

Power up with Spinach Protein Pancake!

Today, I am bringing you a unique and rich in Nutrients recipe. Spinach Protein Pancakes, yes you heard right!! You will be getting your greens bright & early in the […]


Stretching is often something that many people forget to do before, during and after their session. Normally, because they are exhausted to do anything else, or when they decide to […]

Know What You Are Training For – Have a vision!

In today’s blog I will be discussing about certain training routines and what can you do to take your body to the next level to reach your desire goal. The […]