3 Sets of 10 Repetitions – The What, The When, The How

No doubt you have already tried to begin a weight training program and sought the advice of someone you hoped had a real good idea how to do it.  Most […]

You, Your Very Own Personal Fitness Trainer

One of the biggest problems that I see in the gym, besides most people just winging their workouts (hey, my next Blog post!), is people performing their exercises with terrible form. If you […]

The Shoulder Shocker!

This exercise was inspired by my good friend, former Navy SEAL, Lieutenant Stewart Smith. The shoulders can be a difficult muscle group to develop. Try this awesome & outrageously INTENSE exercise […]

How Can I Quickly Build Muscle

Here’s a Great training tip that will absolutely help you build muscle faster! I call it the “Sense, Tense & Lift” protocol. Let’s first look at an example of the “Sense” […]

Lose Fat Faster!

When I was a young buck, my biggest concern was putting on tons of muscle. Of course I also wanted to have low body fat %, but I wanted muscle […]

Train This, Not That

This article is a dedication to someone who I truly respect. His name is David Zinczenko, and he is the editor-in-chief of Men’s Health magazine and the author of numerous […]