Hunter Labrada’s Meal-Prep Recipes

Hunter Labrada’s Meal-Prep Recipes When I’m feeding my muscles, I need to keep my diet clean. But that doesn’t mean my meals have to be bland. Here are a few […]


1. Avoid the dirty bulk at all cost! If you’ve read any of my articles pertaining to nutrition in the past, you will know I am a huge proponent of […]


In the day and age that we live in, people are more connected than ever. For the most part, is a great thing. It has allowed knowledge to be more […]

Fail-Safe Post-Workout Nutrition

So, you consumed the optimal pre-workout meal, drank a pre-workout supplement with an effective formula, and absolutely killed your workout. Now what? This is the question I get more than […]


When is the optimal time to consume whey protein? What are the best pre-workout ingredients? What should I consume before I train? If you find yourself asking these questions—or anything […]

Hunter Labrada’s Guide to Muscle Growth

Growing up, bodybuilding wasn’t pushed on me at all. This might sound strange to some people, seeing as my dad is Lee Labrada, the IFBB Hall of Fame bodybuilder, but […]

5 Bodybuilding Training Techniques to Turbo-Charge Muscle Growth

Like many other bodybuilders, I’m guilty of defaulting to a series of go-to bodybuilding exercises that I like to include every time I train a particular muscle group. I don’t […]

4 Part BeastMode Leg Training Workout.

Leg day. Whether you hate it, fear it, or love it, chances are it’s for the same reasons: Leg training is exhausting, nauseating, and routinely tests your threshold for both […]

Hunter Labrada Talks About Bodybuilding Nutrition

So you’ve been busting your ass in the gym, you’ve spent a small fortune on supplements, and have put serious time into finding  an optimal training program. But still, you’re […]

The Training I Used To Gain 100-lbs of Muscle

There are very few things in the world of fitness, more specifically bodybuilding,  which are more hotly debated than that of training programs. It seems like every time I pick […]

Proper Rest and Listening to Your body

If you’ve been around the gym for a while, you’ve probably heard the saying “No pain, no gain”. This is a completely true saying, but only when pain is defined […]

A Training Technique that Can Triple Your Muscle Gains

In an previous article, I wrote about the training philosophy I have developed over the last few years, but said very little about anything beyond my basic workouts. Today, I […]

How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder– on a Tight College Budget!

How to Eat Like a Bodybuilder– on a Tight College Budget! by Hunter Labrada One of the most common question I get asked is “How much do you eat in […]

Hunter Labrada Talks About Bodybuilding Supplements Part 2

If you missed part 1, please click here. Alright, so you’ve got your nutrition nailed down, you’re training harder than ever, and have a basic supplement protocol in place, but […]

Hunter Labrada Talks About Bodybuilding Supplements Part 1

Last year, Americans spent roughly 27 billion, yes billion, dollars on sports and dietary supplements, and chances are if you are reading this you contributed to that staggering total. The […]