If you took a poll at your gym on what was their favorite exercise,  most would likely say the bench press. You might find a few masochists who would say […]

Fix Your Form For Maximum Gains

Sometimes I have been criticized for being too analytical about training. People say I nitpick about the fine details of exercise and performance. They say I should emphasize using heavy […]


There are many excellent ways to train, more ways than I have fingers on my hands. Examples include: antagonistic supersets, compound supersets, compound trisets, trisets with an antagonistic movement, giant […]

15 Bodybuilding Secrets I Learned from Mr. Olympia Sergio Oliva

In April, 1984 MuscleMag publisher Bob Kennedy took me to Chicago for three days to watch three-time IFBB Mr. Olympia champion Sergio “The Myth” Oliva train so I could write […]

6 Secrets for Muscle Growth

A lot of bodybuilders are frustrated by a lack of gains. They want to know why they are not making better gains. Many wonder if there are “secrets of the […]


This isn’t going to be your typical arm training article. I am not going to go into long-winded introduction about the need to develop more size on your arms. I’m […]

Secrets of Building Great Hamstrings

This month I’m going to cover some oddball but effective exercises for the hamstrings and lower back. As well I’ll discuss training tips to make training these muscle groups even […]

How To Develop Your Dream Midsection With The Right Abdominal Training and Diet

I think we can universally agree that everyone wants a tight, nice set of abs and a slim, muscular waistline, whether they admit it or not. And why not? Nothing […]