Dairy & Sugar free, Vegan, Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Woohoo, this is my new fave drink, packed full of taste and health benefits and it won’t create the dreaded ‘stomach fluff’ syndrome; you know what I’m talking about, the […]

Easy Non Cook Appetizer: Guacamole

I love making recipes with ingredients that are in season and sourced locally. There are so many fun options when making guacamole to your personal taste and it’s a great […]

Clean Eating: Gluten Free, Protein Carrot Cake

If you are like me and have a sweet tooth it’s a battle to not let it get the best of me and not to turn into a sugar deprived, […]


I could never get into the taste or smell of rice cakes but my Mum introduced me to these homemade oatcakes which are a more filling, better smelling, and gluten […]

Meals in 5 minutes: Breakfast pancakes and Asparagus. 5 minutes, 5 ingredients

Some days we are so rushed we think we don’t have time for breakfast but this quick, healthy, nutritionally balanced breakfast is super quick and easy and will kick start […]

Stay true to yourself and your intentions; there’s inspiration to be found everywhere.

Did you start 2013 with fabulous New Year’s resolutions? Are you still staying true to them? Many of us started the year out strong and eager, with a lot resolutions […]

Healthy Options and Advice When Making Food Choices on Business Travel

Business travel can put a real strain on trying to eat healthily and not pack on the pounds, especially in more remote areas where choices are limited. It can easily […]

Getting the most out of your supplements: Timing

So you’ve finally picked out your supplements from the overwhelming selection, now the next important question is when to take them? The benefit you’ll receive from them can depend a […]

The Fit Couple’s Date Night 3-Course Lean Body Meal Menu

.. Want a great “Date Night” 3-Course Menu suitable for a Fit Couple?  For those of you choosing to cook for your loved one it can be a daunting task, […]