Why Lyme Disease Testing is Not Conclusive

Why Lyme Disease Testing is Not Conclusive Depending on which study you consult, the current tests used to diagnosis Lyme disease are accurate only between 50-80% of the time, even […]


Strong and durable is good, weak and fragile is bad. We can all agree on this, right? Kids, now more than ever, are participating in strength training. They do this […]

Flu Shots: Are They Just a Shot in The Dark?

Trainers and fitness enthusiasts alike should understand the flu shot well since it affects such a large degree of the population and literally has an effect on all of us. […]

First Class Shoulder Routine

Why is it that so many people train their shoulders the wrong way? Would you do half movements on your biceps? How about on your chest or triceps? TRAIN CORRECTLY […]

Alcohol and Weight Loss: Bartender Give Me Another Round of Calories

Millions of Americans are involved in some sort of weight loss diet and between 65-75% of them are drinking alcohol.  A vast majority of them are not counting those calories.  […]

Food Combining: Does It Matter What You Eat With What?

There are many food combining myths. Some food combining diets encourage people to eat foods that somehow enhance the body’s ability to digest them. There is no scientific evidence that […]

Should You Go Gluten Free?

The term “gluten free” is becoming increasingly more prevalent among the medical community, health and nutrition circles and with the general public. Products are being labeled as gluten free — […]

Why you need to taper your diet as you train

So you start off on your new diet and goal of losing 40 lbs. You may or may not have a trainer. Your exercise program is followed as religiously as […]

Leg workouts for individuals with bad knees

By Dr. David Ryan (Cecil Award, National Arthritis Foundation) and Rob Pilger MODIFY YOUR WORKOUT Several individuals have problems with their knees, but this doesn’t need to prevent anyone from […]

Protein, it’s not just about how much

The whole idea of protein gets more difficult when you think about the secondary effects of the food source. A prime example of this is noted with the current research […]

What To Eat After Exercise To Max Out Muscle Growth

It is important to note that post-workout nutrition is the single fastest growing branch of research. There is a massive amount of mis-leading information and some that is being mis-interpreted. […]

What Is Chronic Muscle Tension and What To Do About It?

If you train long enough or have stress, then you are likely going to experience chronic muscle tension.  It may sound simple, but the fact is that this condition will […]

6 non-weighted exercises to get great looking legs

Getting a great looking pair of legs can make or break many careers.  Who has time to get to the gym and train them?  Sometimes your knees might be hurting.  […]

When can you train on an injury?

A 40 something fitness athlete posted on Facebook a general question about her knee hurting.  The simple question that she asked was, “Should I train on the knee since it […]

Wheat Germ, what is it and why is it so good for you?

Wheat has a whole kernel and that is divided into three parts; bran, endosperm and finally the germ. The bran is obviously the fibrous out layer. This layer is often […]