You’re Lean… Now Get SHREDDED!

Most articles on weight/fat loss are directed at the people needing or wishing to lose 30 pounds or more. There are also people “in shape” though that still want to […]


Unquestionably, the one “sports supplement” that has been universally used is a protein supplement. Ask people how much creatine, beta-alanine, magic fairy dust, whatever supplement they use and many are […]


I tend to write long articles, but this will be short and sweet. I realize that many of you have a small screen or limited time to hear about someone’s […]

Protein Spiking – Are You Being Cheated?

As a consumer of sports nutrition products, you deserve to get what you pay for.  But, some companies produce products that are not True-To-Label. In some cases, it may be under-dosing […]

What Is The Peak Muscle Mass That Can Be Achieved Drug-Free?

Previously, I wrote about the realistic limit for dropping body fat. Why? Because many people approach what can be considered the best natural degree of leanness and feel unfulfilled because […]

How Low Can You Go In Body Fat Levels While Staying Healthy

Nope, this is not an article on how to limbo to lose fat. It is a fact-chasing pursuit of how low a person’s body fat can get before the body […]

Tips On Dieting for a Lean Body – Do as I say, AND as I Do

You have seen it many times, a person in a position of prominence or authority telling the public how to live or act, and then being caught doing exactly what […]

On The Shoulders Of Giants

There is a quote, famously attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, but traceable to writings as far back as the 12th century. Newton wrote, ” If I have seen further it […]

Tips For Being Happy With Your Looks

“Out, damned spot; out I say.” This dramatic line was spoken by the character Lady MacBeth after she and her husband conspired and assassinated their King. Though her “spot” was […]

Urgent Action Needed: FDA Trying to Drastically Limit Nutritional Supplements

Less than three generations ago, the demographics of the U.S. population were vastly different. As well, the prevalence and urgency of health conditions were also very dissimilar to those faced […]

Do You Have The Ideal Body Proportions?

Everyone of us who has passed through the biological trauma that is adolescence has wondered in various times and settings how we measure up to our peer group, or some […]

How To Deal With Injuries

I am currently wearing two braces (shoulder and lumbar spine) and have a procedure scheduled for both knees. Thankfully, the knees only need Synvisc One injections, instead of surgery. Welcome […]

3 Fitness, Bodybuilding, & Weight Loss Pearls of Wisdom from Dr. Dan Gwartney

I sat through a lecture on a topic I am very interested in, and became physically nauseous. Nice introductory sentence, eh? Let me backtrack a step and properly introduce myself. […]