Maximum Gains from Reciprocal Innervation

Push – Pull? One of the most common strategies for muscle grouping is known as “Push / Pull”. This is where the (so-called) “pushing muscles” are done on one day, […]

Parallel Bar Dips – Not a Great Pectoral Exercise

My objective is, and has always been, to identify the BEST exercises for Physique Development. “Best” being defined as the most productive, the most efficient (cost / benefit), and the […]

Does Your Trainer Know What They’re Doing?

The Fitness Industry is in chaos. Never before, in human history, has there been more money spent on fitness-related products and services. Yet, according to many studies – the rate […]

The Myth of Exercises Which Are Considered “Shaping” or “Mass Building”

  Most of us who have been involved in the bodybuilding game have heard certain exercises referred to as “shaping” or “mass building”. Sometimes the designations are even more specific, […]

“Compound Exercise” versus “Peripheral Recruitment”

It’s an age old argument.  “Are Compound Exercises better than Isolation Exercises?”.  There are many who believe that a particular group of exercises known as “Compound” (Squats, Bench Presses, Overhead […]

Is the Open Chain / Closed Chain Exercise Philosophy, “Shear” Non-sense?

Evaluating the Claims Regarding “Open Chain” and “Closed Chain” Exercise The concept of “Open Chain” and “Closed Chain” exercise has been around for some time now. It originated in the […]

Working On Your “Weak” Body Parts

After a bodybuilding competition, it’s common for a competitor who has not won to ask “what do I need to work on?”. Frequently in gyms, we see people putting in […]

7 Tips That Prevent Muscle Loss and Help You to Gain It

For many people, the concept of “muscle building” probably seems very mysterious – especially when looking at someone who has an incredible amount of muscle mass. But actually, it’s very […]

What’s The Most Effective Form of Training?

As long as I’ve been involved in bodybuilding (38 years…..since 1974), one of the most prevalent questions that has always been asked is, “what’s the ideal set and rep combination?”. […]

What’s the Best Resistance To Use for Muscle Growth?

Most people would say the answer to that (title) question is “as much as possible” – but they’d be wrong. If muscle growth is your goal, using as much weight […]

The Importance of Training Efficiency

You have probably heard the saying “Time is Money”. What this adage suggests is that time can make you money, but it can also cost you money, if the time […]

Is Training Chest/Delts/Tris and Back/Biceps Together In The Same Workout a Good Idea?

.. . .. As bodybuilders who workout every day, we know it’s not good to work the same body parts on consecutive days. Thus, we break up the dozen or […]

How to Get a Lean Midsection

Getting a lean / muscular midsection could possibly be the most common fitness goal, as well as the most misunderstood. I think it’s safe to say that I’ve seen more […]