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Green Pina Colada Smoothie

It’s time to give your piña colada a makeover with this super refreshing, healthy, packed with protein, and DELICIOUS Green Piña Colada Smoothies recipe! RECIPE • 1 Cup (8 Ounces) […]

You’re Lean… Now Get SHREDDED!

Most articles on weight/fat loss are directed at the people needing or wishing to lose 30 pounds or more. There are also people “in shape” though that still want to […]


If you’re training and diet have taken your physique into a plateau, you may be committing one or more of these fatal flaws. Welcome to the era of “almost” – […]

Healthy Protein Lemonade

What’s up everyone! Summer — yes SUMMER is finally here! I don’t know about you guys but the 2 things I can’t drink unless it’s over 70 degrees outside are […]

Easy Lemon Protein Cookies

When life gives you lemons… make cookies, not a studio album! This Lemon Chia Protein Cookie recipe is low calorie, packed with protein, and DELICIOUS! RECIPE • 4 Tablespoons (30g) […]

Healthy Sweet Potato Pancakes

Today is the day we give the sweet potato a makeover into some high protein and absolutely delicious SWEET POTATO PANCAKES! INGREDIENTS • 1/2 Cooked Sweet Potato (200g) • 4 […]

Chickpea & Edamame Salad

Sometimes, you just want to go meatless. There are plenty of foods to brighten up a green salad but we wanted to create something with a little more substance, and […]