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Turkey Jalapeño Poppers

With the summer in full effect and the sun beaming down, I decided to fire up the grill. Jalapeños were on sale at the grocery store so I decided to […]

Spicy Mustard Chicken Meal Prep

Here’s a quick and easy chicken meal prep recipe to prepare in bulk for the entire week. And best thing is, you can throw this together with items and seasonings […]

The Key to Motivation is Tracking Your Progress

“If you can’t measure your progress, you can’t stay motivated.” Write this into your workout log, scribble it on a piece of paper and tape it to your bathroom mirror, […]

What Is The Right Amount of Protein?

This week Dr. Dan and I are discussing the topic of protein, and the proper amount to consume based on your own body weight. Watch The Video To See Lee’s […]

How To Build Muscle After 50

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Bob Hager of Jacksonville. QUESTION: “I’m a 65 year old male. I’m fairly active, and I’m thinking about joining a gym. Can I start […]

Will Weight Training Stunt Your Growth?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Tim Johnson of Chicago. QUESTION: “Hi Mr. Labrada, I am 13 years old and want to begin weight training. Will weight training stunt my […]

Sticking To Your Bodybuilding Program While Traveling

My job as a fitness author requires a lot of traveling at times. In order for me to maintain my bodybuilding lifestyle during my trips, there are many preparations that […]

Grasshopper Protein Mug Cake

This Grasshopper Protein Mug Cake made using our Labrada Nutrition Vanilla LeanPro 100% Whey Protein Powder. It only takes a couple minutes to make, is packed with 12g of fiber […]

Conditioning Counts in a Bodybuilding Contest

Bodybuilding contest season is now fully underway. For individuals interested in competing on a bodybuilding contest, or that are currently in prep, I want to discuss the importance of conditioning. […]

5 Diet Tips For First Time Bodybuilding/Fitness Competitors

Bodybuilding contest season is now fully underway. For individuals interested in competing for the first time on a bodybuilding or fitness contest, today I want to discuss 5 tips that […]

Alcohol and Weight Loss: Bartender Give Me Another Round of Calories

Millions of Americans are involved in some sort of weight loss diet and between 65-75% of them are drinking alcohol.  A vast majority of them are not counting those calories.  […]

Food Combining: Does It Matter What You Eat With What?

There are many food combining myths. Some food combining diets encourage people to eat foods that somehow enhance the body’s ability to digest them. There is no scientific evidence that […]

Heal Back Pain with Exercise

According to the American Association of Neurosurgical Surgeon an estimated 75 to 85% of all Americans will experience some form of back pain during their lifetime. Both genders are equally […]

Why The Weighted Vest Will Help You Make Serious Gains

In recent months, I’ve been exploring and trying new training methods to help breathe some new life into my workouts and make improvements in areas of my fitness that I […]

Locked And Loaded: A Great Arms Workout for Big Guns

Has your arm workout gone stale? Have you stopped seeing progress with your biceps and triceps? Are you looking for a plan that will help with size, strength, and development […]