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Healthy Shrimp & Veggie Pasta

One skillet and 10 minutes is all you need to make the most delicious shrimp & veggie pasta you’ve ever had. This shrimp and veggie pasta is quick, flavorful, high […]

Healthy BBQ Shepherd’s Pie

This recipe is perfect for a family dinner or an epic post-workout meal. When I first had Shepherd’s Pie in Boston, MA, I was in “food love.” The flavors and […]

How To Start Working Out For Fat Loss / Weight Loss?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from John Schakley of New York: QUESTION: “Lee I am 60 pounds overweight and just don’t know how to start getting in shape. I’ve recently […]

What Are The Best Bodybuilding Supplements for Teens?

Today’s Ask Lee question comes from Michael Peterson from Atlanta, Georgia: QUESTION: “Lee, Both my teenage son and daughter are getting into bodybuilding. What are the best and safest supplements […]

Be More Than Strong

I would say far too many guys at the gym believe being strong automatically makes them tough. Undoubtedly, this comes from the fact that in the animal kingdom, size tends […]

What Is The Peak Muscle Mass That Can Be Achieved Drug-Free?

Previously, I wrote about the realistic limit for dropping body fat. Why? Because many people approach what can be considered the best natural degree of leanness and feel unfulfilled because […]

Is the Open Chain / Closed Chain Exercise Philosophy, “Shear” Non-sense?

Evaluating the Claims Regarding “Open Chain” and “Closed Chain” Exercise The concept of “Open Chain” and “Closed Chain” exercise has been around for some time now. It originated in the […]

Healthy Hummus Quesadillas

This is a delicious after-school, after work or in-between meals snack, filling, delicious and healthy. Combining different styles and cultures in meals is a great way to bring creativity to […]

Lean Tandoori Chicken Kabobs

Need a new poultry or veggie recipe? Remember to draw inspiration from some of your favorite cuisines, like this Indian-inspired Tandoori chicken kabob. It’s an easy way to freshen any […]

11 Tips for Staying Lean

… “What goes up, must come down.” When ‘70’s music sensation Billy Preston immortalized those words in his catchy tune, he must have been thinking about some of the professional […]