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Gain Muscle with the 10 Sets of 10 Reps Training Routine

The 10 sets of 10 reps bodybuilding workout has been used in bodybuilding circles for years in order to break through plateaus and make weight gains in the form of lean muscle mass. […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

… Bobby is an off-season bodybuilder wanting to lose a few pounds of flab around his mid- section, in time for the summer beach season. Bobby follows a well-balanced, high […]

What To Eat After Exercise To Max Out Muscle Growth

It is important to note that post-workout nutrition is the single fastest growing branch of research. There is a massive amount of mis-leading information and some that is being mis-interpreted. […]

How To Follow A Bodybuilding Diet While Traveling?

Nutrition is what I consider the most important part of a bodybuilders’ regimen. I would also consider nutrition to be the most difficult portion of our program as well. Weight […]


Go through the average lifter’s leg workout and you’ll see the usual suspects – Squats, Leg Presses, Extensions, Curls, and maybe Stiff-Legged Deadlifts. Don’t get me wrong. Basics are best […]

7 Tips That Prevent Muscle Loss and Help You to Gain It

For many people, the concept of “muscle building” probably seems very mysterious – especially when looking at someone who has an incredible amount of muscle mass. But actually, it’s very […]

2014 Muscle Beach Hall of Fame Ceremony Pictures & Video

Here are some great images taken by Mike Hall from my Muscle Beach Hall of Fame ceremony this past Monday (Sept 1, 2014). Thanks to everyone who was there in […]

Which Diet to Follow for Weight Loss

Nowadays there are various popular diets with some emphasizing more protein, while others emphasize very little carbohydrates. Then there are others specifying when foods can be introduced into the diet. So […]

What Is Chronic Muscle Tension and What To Do About It?

If you train long enough or have stress, then you are likely going to experience chronic muscle tension.  It may sound simple, but the fact is that this condition will […]

Breakfast Banana Split

Good Morning! We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while eggs make up a perfect protein source, but sometimes your taste buds call […]

6 non-weighted exercises to get great looking legs

Getting a great looking pair of legs can make or break many careers.  Who has time to get to the gym and train them?  Sometimes your knees might be hurting.  […]

How To Get Giant Arms With One Giant Set

Informed bodybuilders have always known the importance of the eccentric, or negative portion of a rep. This is where a lot of the micro damage occurs within the muscle tissue. […]

3 Short 5-Minute Bodybuilding Workouts For Growing Your Calves

One of the most under developed muscles I have heard bodybuilders complain about is their calves. I have heard a wide range of excuses for why many don’t develop calves, […]


I don’t know about you but I like to find a fun and challenging way to finish a workout, regardless of what muscle I’m training. Last week I was running […]

Grilled peaches with whipped strawberry and peach fluff

While living a healthy lifestyle and staying on track is important, wiggle room is also a must-have for keeping your sanity without going overboard. I’ve made this dessert recipe with […]