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The Making of a Champion

What is a Champion? As I watched the evening finals from the backstage area of a bodybuilding show on a Saturday night, I found myself pondering the meaning of the […]

What’s The Most Effective Form of Training?

As long as I’ve been involved in bodybuilding (38 years…..since 1974), one of the most prevalent questions that has always been asked is, “what’s the ideal set and rep combination?”. […]

3 Delicious Super Shakes Using ISO LeanPro

These breakfast shakes are to help add variety to your breakfast routine without adding extra time.  Each of these can be made in just a few minutes and pack tons […]

Sweet Potato Slider Melts

Every now and then a recipe comes along to save us from a boring, bland healthy diet. This was the one that saved the day for me. And if you let […]

When can you train on an injury?

A 40 something fitness athlete posted on Facebook a general question about her knee hurting.  The simple question that she asked was, “Should I train on the knee since it […]

Post-Workout Sweet Potato Brownies

If you’re looking for a new post-workout treat for your next meal prep, then these Sweet Potato Brownies are for you. This is a delicious way to incorporate one of […]

Bodybuilding Training Principles For Creating Back Routines

Through the years I have gotten many compliments on my back development. I’ve also gotten many questions regarding how to achieve a wide and thick back. In this article, I […]

Use Constant Tension and Time Under Tension (TUT) for Better Muscle Building Results

Continuous tension (CT) is a simple training technique that I have used consistently over the years both in my own training, and in that of my trainees. This advanced bodybuilding […]