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Shrimp & Veggie Stuffed Chicken Breast

Here’s quick dinner idea if you are looking for a high protein that will satisfy your taste buds, and maybe even impress a date! Or at least a family of […]

Two Tips For Improving Your Bodybuilding Training

Bodybuilding is a sport that takes a large amount of time and commitment to reach your goals. Being that progress does not happen over night, if your not careful months […]

Get Your Head Right! Your Success Depends on It!

“Where the mind goes, the body will follow.” – Unknown This may appear to be another quote to inspire you but you should take this seriously if you play a […]

How Bodybuilding Changed My Life

Growing up in my younger years wasn’t as cool and exciting as I thought it would be. Coming from a family where genetics wasn’t our strong suit didn’t help much […]

Wheat Germ, what is it and why is it so good for you?

Wheat has a whole kernel and that is divided into three parts; bran, endosperm and finally the germ. The bran is obviously the fibrous out layer. This layer is often […]

Hi-Protein Zucchini Lasagna Meal Prep in Jars

Here’s a quick spin on my hi-protein zucchini lasagna that will help with portion control. Raid your (grand)mom’s cabinet and grab some hermetic jars and stuff them with the lasagna ingredients. You […]


I was going through an arm workout a couple of weeks ago and was looking for something new to try. I always finish with either rope pressdowns or overhead rope […]

Don’t Let Your Ego Stop You From Growing

High-rep, tension-overload (TORQ) training provides an unreal feel, and it’s been adding new size to trainees in surprisingly short time periods. Feedback has come in from multiple people claiming impressive […]

Turkey Wrapped Potato & Egg Breakfast Muffins

Need a grab-and-go solution for busy mornings? Try this spin on the traditional egg breakfast muffins that will satisfy your taste buds and stop the stomach growling because your body is […]

On The Shoulders Of Giants

There is a quote, famously attributed to Sir Isaac Newton, but traceable to writings as far back as the 12th century. Newton wrote, ” If I have seen further it […]

BBQ Bison Pizza on Naan Bread

  Sometimes there’s either just not enough time, or admittedly, I’m just not in the mood to cook. We’ve all experienced those moments. So, one product I always keep in […]


After watching years and years of TV commercials, sitcoms, and dramas, we’ve been deceived. We’ve come to believe that most of our health and beauty problems can be solved in […]

What Is Periodization And How Can It Be Applied To Bodybuilding?

Periodization is often a term you hear utilized in weight training. It is definitely something you hear more often in athletic development or powerlifting, than you do bodybuilding. Periodization is […]

Passing The Torch

Knowledge is power. How many of us have heard that phrase before? All of us right? These little words will forever have the biggest impact on your life. What I […]

Stuffed Plantain with Tex-Mex Chili

This is your ultimate muscle-building post workout meal. And it’s easy on the wallet, easy to customize for both men & women, and vegans can use tempeh & add more black […]