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Sweet & Spicy Sticky Fingers

I remember how much I loved going to Chinese buffets and load up on all the sweet and spicy chicken, bad thing was; it wasn’t the healthiest choice. Don’t worry […]

Proper Hydration for Optimal Bodybuilding Results

Water is the largest single component of the human body, accounting for about 50–60% of total body mass. The heart is composed of 73% while the muscles are about 79% […]

Urgent Action Needed: FDA Trying to Drastically Limit Nutritional Supplements

Less than three generations ago, the demographics of the U.S. population were vastly different. As well, the prevalence and urgency of health conditions were also very dissimilar to those faced […]

Sweet Potato Waffle Sandwich

Tired of baking your sweet potatoes? Try this flour-LESS sweet potato waffle sandwich. Only 3 main ingredients and you have an amazing dinner or post workout meal. Ingredients: • 4oz […]

3 Common Natural Bodybuilding Mistakes That Prevent Muscle Growth

There are many excuses used in regards to the difficulty of building bigger muscles. Some say that you have to be born with very rare genetics in order to have […]

What’s the Best Resistance To Use for Muscle Growth?

Most people would say the answer to that (title) question is “as much as possible” – but they’d be wrong. If muscle growth is your goal, using as much weight […]

Frittata for Two

Starting your day off with breakfast is always a great way to start your day. And it’s even better when you can make it for 2! Here’s a delicious frittata […]

Holistic Dentistry

Did you look at the title and asked yourself what is a holistic dentist? If you did, you had my same reaction. I have never heard those two words together […]


Ahh, leg day. The highlight of my week for sure. Every time I train legs my goal is to set a record in weight or reps with at least one […]

BBQ Salmon Pizza

We all love pizza and struggle to get our favorite foods into our diet, here’s a fail proof recipe to satisfy your taste buds after a nice workout or long […]

How to Retain Muscle After Surgery

I laid back on the bench and I went through the same set up ritual I’d done thousands of times before. My three warm up sets were complete and this […]

Taking Care of Your Liver for Optimal Health and Performance

We now live in a world where our food, water, and air are soiled by toxins. With the amounts that we are exposed to daily it is inevitable for them […]

Keeping Track To Stay On Track

There are a couple of great ways to keep track of your progress in the gym, whether those goals are building muscle or burning fat. Keeping track of progress visually […]

Peanut Butter (Nuttzo) Chicken Breast Meal Prep

Meal prep does not have to be boring – here is a great tasting marinated chicken breast with healthy fats, accompanied by a raw kale salad. This is perfect to […]

Do You Have The Ideal Body Proportions?

Everyone of us who has passed through the biological trauma that is adolescence has wondered in various times and settings how we measure up to our peer group, or some […]