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Chicken Breast with Raw Avocado Salad

Incorporating raw veggies into your diet is a great idea for detoxifying your body and supplying it with vitamins and minerals. And you don’t have to solely rely on garden […]

SUPER SHOULDERS: My Favorite Shoulder Workout

Yes there are guys who want big arms and Mondays are always designated as “International Chest Day” but what truly makes someone stand out when he’s walking around is a […]

Ten Things You Can Do To Make This A Spectacular New Year

As we start this year I want you to know that the road to achieving your goals will most likely not be a problem free one. However, you need to […]

Shrimp & Raw Veggie Pasta

Eating raw veggies are great for your body for detoxification and supplying you with good vitamins and minerals. And if you’re like me, you may find that eating more raw […]

Lighter Weights for MORE Muscle?

For beginners and veterans alike, there’s one “fact” that everyone involved in fitness and bodybuilding is absolutely sure of: You have to train heavy to grow! Well, I hate to […]

A Crossfit Competition “How hard could it be?”

I was presented with the opportunity to compete in the 2013 Nevada Police & Fire Games, held each August in Las Vegas. The competition brings in over 2000 competitors and […]

Anabolic Kiwi-Lime Popsicles

Refreshment: It’s just what your throat needs after hours of watching football. Whether you’re hoarse from yelling at the bad calls, chanting your school’s fight song, or rejoicing when your […]