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Bison Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers

Bison stuffed jalapeño poppers! These are almost too good to be true. Eat them as a meal or a great snack for your next game watching party. And with the […]

Top 10 Ways to Conquer Cravings, Handle Hunger, and Control Your Appetite

A little bit of hunger on a fat loss program is normal. To expect no hunger at all while in a calorie deficit is unrealistic. However, if you leap for […]

Purple Potato Skins with Spicy Sriracha Chicken

Whether you’re hosting a game watching party at the house or just needing some variety in your diet, you can never go wrong with Purple Potato Skins, perfect for just […]

Dairy & Sugar free, Vegan, Chai Tea Latte Recipe

Woohoo, this is my new fave drink, packed full of taste and health benefits and it won’t create the dreaded ‘stomach fluff’ syndrome; you know what I’m talking about, the […]

Two-For-One Muscle-Building Moves

For those who have 3D Muscle Building in your library already, you may have noticed that the one-arm cable lateral is described as a stretch-position exercise for the medial-delt head. […]

Top Mistakes That Will Slow Down Your Bodybuilding and Fitness Progress

Over my years pursuing progress in health and fitness I have made many mistakes. From most of those mistakes I have learned very valuable lessons, and today I would like […]

Mediterranean Pizza

One of the best ways to stay energized to eat healthy and accomplish your goals is to add variety to your diet. Nothing too dramatic – just think about the […]

The Importance of Training Efficiency

You have probably heard the saying “Time is Money”. What this adage suggests is that time can make you money, but it can also cost you money, if the time […]