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Meet Marc Snyder: My Journey

Everyone has a story. Mine starts as an overweight kid that had a huge desire to lose weight, but had little knowledge of how to do it. I remember being […]


Last time we were together, we covered how to step up your biceps training to help you get those massive arms you have long aspired to achieve. Now there is […]

Grilled Chicken with Pineapples & Bell Peppers

Hands down this is one of my favorite meals! Penny-pinching or not, this meal should be a part of your regular diet. You’ll likely never approach eating chicken & rice […]

The Emergence of Resistance Training

In my first article for Labrada Nutrition, I’ll be delving into different types of popular training methodologies including resistance training and CrossFit and a brief history of how resistance training […]


LABRADA Nutrition fans, there are certainly going to be times where getting in a workout seems to be the very last thing that you feel like doing. You’re tired, irritable, […]

Curry Tuna Salad with Brown Rice Cakes

Every time I feel “a squeeze” in my wallet, I turn to good ole’ faithful – canned/packaged tuna. Tuna not only is affordable, but also it is a good, lean […]

Set Your Fitness Goals And Achieve Them!

 If you want to set your fitness goals and achieve them, this week’s tip is stuffed with powerful concepts to help you change your body, fast. It is, quite likely, […]

Why The Scale Can Be Your Worst Enemy To Losing Weight

          —- A lot of people, when they want to start a diet, are obsessed by the scale. However, the scale is not the most effective […]

Spicy Turkey Chili

This is a staple meal in Texas where I am from. And one of the best things about chili is you can make it your own by tossing in your […]

Hotshot Fitness: Could You Handle The Heat?

In the wake of the tragedy in which 19 “hotshot” firefighters lost their lives fighting a wildfire in the hills of Arizona in June 2013, I, like many people, was […]

Chicken Enchilada Bake

Growing up in a Hispanic household, there were always delicious, mouthwatering foods being prepared in the kitchen.  Beef tacos made with fried tortilla shells, burritos bursting with cheese and who […]


As soon as I started writing this series, the question has been asked. “When are you going to write the one for arms?” I don’t think I need to explain […]

Flour-LESS Sweet Potato Waffle with Grilled Chicken

Did you know that you do not have to use flour to make a delicious waffle? All you need is a sweet potato, some eggs and waffle iron. This is […]


“TRI” is a prefix that means THREE, which is why the TRIceps muscles are named the way they are. The three different parts of your triceps are the LONG head, […]