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Squat Less, Grow More?

For as long as I can remember, most people have believed that you absolutely need to squat heavy in order to grow, but some may call that brainwashing. I was […]

What Is The Best Time to Train?

Today’s “Ask Lee”, comes from Tony, Texas. Hello Mr Labrada, I hope this finds you well, I have been a very big of fan of your for many years, I […]

My Dessert

From the time I very first started gaining knowledge about building a lean muscular physique it seemed like protein was key. I’ve come to find out that is 100% true. […]

Keeping Pregnancy Fit

Being in the fitness industry and just being a woman in general, there can be a lot of pressure to look your best. Instead of making a goal of what […]

Spicy Beef Broccoli Bowl

If you’re pressed for time but the hunger is intense, nothing beats a spicy beef broccoli bowl with Basmati brown rice. A buddy of mine sent me a text that […]


LABRADA Nutrition fans, make your shoulders “SCREAM” with this “SPOOK-TACULAR” workout! Now, I realize that I am what some may consider to be a “Volume Queen”, but this is what […]

How to Do a Chin Up, and Get More Reps

Today’s “Ask Lee”, comes from Steven W. Scotland UK. Hi, I’m really struggling with wide grip chin ups. Any tips or advice on how I can strengthen my lats and […]

Pumpkin Fit Halloween Recipe

Ingredients: • 1 scoop ISO LeanPro protein (Vanilla) • 1 cup 2% Greek yogurt • 1/2 cup organic pumpkin • 1/2 cup granola • 1 tbsp vanilla extract (optional) • […]


We are at the final chapter of the “Step Up Your Game” series of articles for those beginners out there looking to reach the next level of success in the […]

Revitalize for More Muscle Size

One way to deal with the every day stress of life is to simply take a different route to work. Literally. Even if that means taking a little longer to […]

Improve Your Habits to Improve Your Body!

Dear Friend, What would you say if I told you that your level of “self-discipline” might not be quite “up to snuff” when it comes to building a lean and […]

Epic Low-Carb Chicken Burger

With a little creativity, you can make even low-carb burgers pretty epic and satisfying. If you’re trying to watch your carbohydrate intake but you are craving a juicy hamburger, then […]

Fat burning Smoked Turkey & Avocado Sandwich

With Fall upon us and the leaves changing colors, I wanted to share a quick and easy lunch recipe, smoked turkey and avocado sliders. This sandwich can be made in […]


LABRADA Nutrition fans, when training your BICEPS, if you are constantly using the same grip, then you are not effectively targeting BOTH heads of the BICEPS muscle! While a SHOULDER-WIDTH […]

Rotisserie Chicken Noodle Pasta Bake

Well, it’s not your mom’s homestyle chicken noodle soup, but it does the trick when you are pressed for cash and need to fuel your body. All you need to […]