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Allergies and working out

Chances are at some point, you will have some issue with allergies and working out. It may not be constant or you may have issues all the time, but it […]

Blasting Your Calves Into Cows

Been trying to coax your calf muscles to grow without any success? If so, you’re not alone. The calves are one of the most difficult muscle groups to stimulate in […]

Carbohydrate Cycling for Fat Loss and Why You Should Not Eliminate Carbs from a Bodybuilding Diet for Fat Loss

Typically, when a bodybuilder reaches 10% body fat, in order to keep going down in body fat percentage, we need to use some metabolic trickery.  While at this point, the […]

Mental Training? Part 4 : Self Talk

If you missed Part 1, clic here : Mental Training? Part 1 : Goal Setting If you missed Part 2, clic here : Mental Training? Part 2 : Imagery If […]


LABRADA Nutrition, if you are overly STRESSED, then realize that you are not at your BEST! Similar to how OVERWORKING a muscle will not allow it to grow, you are […]

High Repetition Training Program

All of us overtrain at one time or another. Something you can do to keep yourself from getting into an overtrained state in the first place is to periodize your […]