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I recently met a wonderful girl who was talking to me about how she was getting ready for her first competition. She said that she was so happy to talk […]

How Far Have You Come?

How many of you have ever looked at your current status in the gym or work or any other aspect of life and thought something like this? “Why am I […]

Be Bigger, Leaner and Stronger by Summer

It’s hard to believe that it’s another spring season with summer just around the corner.  If you’re anything like most of us, you’re probably proclaiming that is going to be […]

Greek style stuffed tomatoes

With the weather warming up, and weekend gatherings in full swing – here is another tempting dish that packs tons of flavor and a heavy hitting dose of nutrients, Greek […]

Ultimate Frisbee fitness

The fastest growing participation sport is Ultimate Frisbee. This sport combines the activities of Frisbee and football/rugby. The teams work together to attempt to forward the disc by throwing it […]


Labrada Nutrition fans, it is said that it takes 6 weeks ~ 42 days ~ in order to change or develop a habit. So, when you are looking to make […]

Know What You Are Training For – Have a vision!

In today’s blog I will be discussing about certain training routines and what can you do to take your body to the next level to reach your desire goal. The […]

10 Foods That Sabotage Your Diet and Fat Burning, Part 2

. . Watch This Week’s Video Blog below.

10 Foods That Sabotage Your Diet and Fat Burning, Part 1

. Watch This Week’s Video Blog below…. To Watch Part 2 – Foods 6-10, Click here …

Stretch Overload for Schwarzenegger Size

One big reason that Arnold’s physique was so far ahead in freaky size and proportion was likely his meticulous attention to stretch overload. Yes, the topic has been a theme […]

3500 Reasons Why Calories Don’t Count.

If you have ever hear a self proclaimed fitness or nutrition expert say that the solution to body composition management is a simple matter of counting calories, extolling the virtues […]

Supercharged Guacamole with Lime crisps

Let’s face it, plain bland foods can get old quickly – especially since our taste buds are proof that eating flavorful food is one of life’s great pleasures. At the […]

Testosterone myths and facts

The simple fact is that both males and females need testosterone for a normal healthy life.  As we become ill or age, our natural levels of testosterone drop.  This results […]


Hey Labrada fans!! There is a huge MISCONCEPTION that eating fat will make you fat! If you think that a NONFAT diet is healthy for you, you need to learn […]

Stay true to yourself and your intentions; there’s inspiration to be found everywhere.

Did you start 2013 with fabulous New Year’s resolutions? Are you still staying true to them? Many of us started the year out strong and eager, with a lot resolutions […]