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Shopping For Lean Body Foods

Shopping For Lean Body Foods by Lee Labrada Today, I want to talk about how to navigate the grocery store for all the foods you’ll use with your Lean Body nutrition […]


WINTER “BLUES” TO WINTER “WOOHOOS”! by Lauren Christine Frahn The excitement of the holidays are officially over, so now there is nothing to look forward to until the first signs of […]

How To Use a Low Carb Diet to Burn Fat Without Losing Muscle

These days, chances are that if you’re watching your waistline, you’re also watching your carbs. Carbohydrates are one of the “Big Three,” the macronutrients that your body gets from food […]

The Power Of Procrastination…

The Power Of Procrastination… by John Rowley  

Crock pot Magic: BBQ Chicken stuffed sweet potatoes

A crock pot, isn’t just for Winter you know. It’s a great way to make lots of meals with minimal clean up and it’s REALLY convenient on days where you otherwise […]

Concise Chest Circuit

Concise Chest Circuit By Roger “ROCK” Lockridge You would be amazed how much you can get done in a short amount of time. You can even get a great workout […]

Raise The Bar

Raise The Bar by John Rowley  

Genetics Vs Conditioning

Genetics Vs Conditioning by John Rowley  


“ONE STEP…AND REP…AT A TIME!” by Lauren Christine Frahn Whenever you set a GOAL, do not “short-change” yourself by making it a small one, just because it is more “easily” attainable. […]

How to achieve ANY goal

How to Accomplish ANY Goal By Johnathan Zamora How great would it be if we accomplished every goal we’ve ever set? Imagine the possibilities! The whole idea of goals and […]

How To “KILL” Anorexia By First Healing Your Shattered Soul

How To “KILL” Anorexia By First Healing Your Shattered Soul by Cecile Bayeul The majority of the time when we think of eating disorders, we talk about obesity. However, today I […]

Weight Training on an Empty Stomach: Don’t Do It

Weight Training on an Empty Stomach: Don’t Do It by Jonathan Lawson With spring on the horizon, many of you are likely setting new goals for the warm weather months.  Trying […]

10 Power Tips for New Strength in 2013!

10 Power Tips for New Strength in 2013! By Roger “ROCK” Lockridge While there are many people who want to lose weight and get leaner every New Year there are […]


“I JUST DO IT!” by Lauren Christine Frahn I am often asked how I am able to STAY so MOTIVATED…and how in the world I make it to the gym each […]

Losing the Last Few Stubborn Pounds of Body Fat

Losing body fat has to be one of the most challenging , if not most misunderstood, endeavors that any fitness aficionado can undertake. Losing body fat is not rocket science, […]