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One Way That Raspberry Ketones May Help You To Lose Fat

One Way That Raspberry Ketones May Help You To Lose Fat by Lee Labrada Your Lean Body Coach™ Hey guys, did you know that there is scientific evidence that the gut […]

Clarifying Misconceptions About Fasting

Clarifying Misconceptions About Fasting By Aris Akavan, ACE CPT, BS MIS When most people hear the world fasting they probably associate it with Muslims in the Middle East or a skinny person […]

Words Beneath Wings ~ “Quiet Confidence”

WBW ~ “Quiet Confidence” by Lauren Christine Frahn If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap, clap)…If you’re grateful and you know it, stomp your feet (stomp, stomp)…If […]

Lee Labrada’s Arm Routines – Add 2 Inches to Your Arms in 12 Weeks Using These Arm Routines from Lee Labrada!

……. Walk into any busy gym across America and you’ll find dozens of bodybuilding trainees fervently performing their arm bodybuilding workouts in order to further develop the arm muscles. There […]

Lee On The Radio

Lee On The Radio by John Rowley Lee Labrada is going to be with me live on my radio show on Wed, March 21st, taking all questions. How to best […]

Fit Recipes – Chia Seeds: An Ancient Food Makes a Comeback

Chia Seeds: An Ancient Food Makes a Comeback Johnathan Zamora You may have seen these seeds before in the form of Chia pets, but these seeds offer so much more […]

Elbow Injuries

Elbow Injuries by Paul T. Burke, M. Ed., PhD (Candidate) In this blog post, fitness expert and author Paul Burke talks about elbow injuries and how to deal with them.

LCF’s “Pull” Workout!

LCF’s “Pull” Workout! by Lauren Christine Frahn Time to “PULL” yourself out of your winter rut with this workout! PULL your weight at the gym with this great combination of BACK […]

Words Beneath Wings ~ “Take Care of Y-O-U”

WBW ~ “TAKE CARE OF YOU” by Lauren Christine Frahn In order to give your BEST to OTHERS, you must first give your BEST to YOURSELF. It is impossible to be […]

Not All Fats Are Created Equal: Why You Need Fat To Lose Fat

        … —- When most people start a diet they say to themselves that the first step is to eliminate all the fat from their diets. Even […]

Lee Labrada Talks About Overtraining and How To Fix It

In our quest to push our bodybuilding training to the limit, sometimes we cross the line and start overtraining. “Come on, Lee. You can do another rep… go for it, […]

LCF’s “PUSH IT” Workout

LCF’s “PUSH IT” Workout by Lauren Christine Frahn One of Lee’s favorite methods for training was to use a PUSH/PULL split. Who better than to take notes from?!? 🙂 Alright, LABRADA […]