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How to Develop a Fitness Habit

How To Develop a Fitness Habit by Lee Labrada This week we’re going to be talking about making working out and eating right a lifelong habit since a lot of […]

Exercise Tip: Push Ups

Exercise Tips: Use Push Ups to Add Variety to Your Workout by Anthony Alayon So many times bodybuilders tend to focus only on weight lifting as a part of their […]

Consistency Wins Every Time

Consistency Wins Every Time by John Rowley Consistency is one of the most over looked attributes of successful people and the easiest to acquire. Not long ago Lou and Carla […]

The Whey to Weight Loss, Part 2

How Whey May Improve Weight Loss, Part 2 by Will Brink (Continued from Part 1) Whey’s effects on bodyfat, insulin sensitivity, and fat burning…. So we have some studies suggesting […]

Machines or Free Weights?

This week, we’re going to look at a topic that comes up from time-to-time, especially with beginners. I often have beginning trainees ask me, “Should I use machines or free […]

LCF’s “BACK” with another Workout!

by Lauren Christine Frahn Guess who’s BACK with another workout for Y-O-U?! 🙂 (I’ll give you a three letter hint….LCF…) 🙂 Although it is ALWAYS important to develop your mind-muscle connection […]

LCF’s “Words Beneath Wings” ~ TAKE ACTION

by Lauren Christine Frahn Thoughts run through your mind all day long, right? Many just typical run-of-the-mill things that whiz through your mind on a daily basis, e.g., What you have […]