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Lee Labrada to co-host 2011 Arnold Classic Webcast March 5th

Lee Labrada will be co-hosting the LIVE, FREE WEBCAST of the 2011 Arnold Classic Men’s Pro Bodybuilding competition this coming Saturday, March 5th at 7PM Eastern Time on Please […]

New Muscle Growth Stimulation with HICA-Max

I’ve always prided myself on working with top researchers in the field of sports nutrition. As such, I am exposed to literally hundreds of new raw ingredients that show promise […]

Over 40 Training In Your Basement with Limited Equipment and Win a Contest

Just last week I had an online client who posed this question to me: “I am 55 years old and I have competed in bodybuilding a few times as a younger man, but now, […]

Want To Become A Better Student: Try Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding has helped me through various aspects of my life.  One area that bodybuilding has affected help change my life forever.  I have always done pretty well in school, but […]

Eating for Gaining Muscle Size

In this article, Lee Labrada covers how to eat in order to gain muscle size!

Healthful Chocolate Treats

Healthful Chocolate Treats By Johnathan Zamora With Valentine’s Day coming up in a few days, you’ve no doubt seen the heart shaped boxes of chocolates almost everywhere you look.  Staring […]