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Enter the 2011 Labrada Lean Body Challenge Today!

Enter the 2011 Labrada Lean Body Challenge Today! The Lean Body Challenge® is a great way to get in shape by challenging yourself to meet your fitness goals head on. […]

Abbreviated Holidays’ Bodybuilding Workout

Abbreviated Holidays’ Bodybuilding Workout For the purpose of continued muscle growth and fat loss over the Holidays, I have used the principles of cycling that I always preach about in […]

Why Time Under Tension Is Important For Seeing Best Results

Wondering why time under tension is important for seeing best results? If you’re looking to get optimal results from your muscle building workout program, this is one element you can’t […]

Labrada’s Best Bodybuilding Performance Enhancing Stack

In this bodybuilding supplements blog I share which one is my favorite Bodybuilding Performance Enhancing Stack.

VH1’s “Money Hungry” Contestants use Labrada Nutrition To Lose The Weight!

Yes, you heard it right. The contestants of VH1’s new prime-time show “MONEY HUNGRY” used Labrada Nutrition to lose the weight!

Tall Man’s Arm Bodybuilding Training Routine

In this bodybuilding question and answer, I talk about how tall men should train the triceps in order to get the best results from their training.

5 Quotes That Will Change Your Life Forever

With the current economy weighing down many families for various reasons, it is safe to say that sometimes it may not been the easiest thing to deal with.  So hopefully […]