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How Using a Food Journal Helps You Lose Weight

How Using a Food Journal Helps You Lose Weight By Johnathan Zamora When embarking on a weight loss plan – one of the most important factors that will determine success […]

Fat Loss Exercises Put On Trial: What Is The Verdict?

Yes, the time has arrived to get the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth about fat loss exercises.  Now for those of you who are sensitive and cannot […]

Power Carb Video is Here

Pictures speak a thousand words and moving pictures even more.  Which is why I put together this video to show you more about our exciting new product, Power Carb.

Exercises For Weight Loss – Learn The Differences

As you go about your fat loss program, it’s going to be important that you learn the best exercises for weight loss to be performing.  There are an unlimited number […]

The Power of Shrimp

The Power of Shrimp By Johnathan Zamora Incorporating fish and seafood into your daily eating plan is a great way to add a lean protein source that provides great nutritional […]

25-Minute Arm Bodybuilding Routine

In this bodybuilding article you will learn about a natural bodybuilding routine that allows you to train your arms in 25 minutes!

Guilt-free Vanilla Custard

This week I am sharing a recipe that will require a small amount of kitchen know how – this rich dessert is well worth the effort and a great way […]

Pillar #4: How to Get Bigger Arms Fast

Well….here it is!  The final episode to this 4 part mini series regarding how to get big arms faster.  If you did not see any of the prior 3 pillars, […]

Don’t Ever Give Up on Your Bodybuilding Program!

One thing I have noticed when I watch beginners start out their bodybuilding journey at the gym is the fact that many get discouraged easily for a few reasons:

High Intensity Interval Training – The Perfect Series Of Exercises For Weight Loss

One of the problems with doing aerobics as a fat burning exercise is the amount of time it takes to get reasonable results. If you’re looking to try effective exercises […]

3 Elements of a Successful Workout

Hi! Lee Labrada here! I am often asked by people in the gym for basic tips to help them in their workouts. Here are 3 basic, but important essentials of […]