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Is It Bad to Drink Coffee Every Morning?

Question: I love coffee. I drink it almost every morning. Is this really bad for me? Answer: The truth is that coffee is not bad for you to drink as […]

Charlize Theron Using Lean Body Meal Replacement Shakes to Stay Lean?

Apparently beautiful actress Charlize Theron (who has played in movies like Aeon Flux, Devil’s Advocate, and Hancock, just to name a few) got spotted with our Lean Body for Her […]

America’s Best & Worst “Health Drinks”

Here’s a great article from David Zinczenko, author of the best selling book, Eat This, Not That! It’s David’s take on the best and worst health drinks in America and […]

You will get what you focus on!

Your experience of life will always be the reflection of what you focus on. Focus on the bad economy, the annoying neighbor or the jerk in the gym and you […]

Food Preparation and The Cooler: Your Strongest Ally For Achieving Bodybuilding Results

As a bodybuilder who wants to experience the most optimal bodybuilding results, the best thing you can do for yourself is to buy a cooler and a variety of containers […]

When First Starting to Workout, Is It Best to Workout Every Day or Every Other Day?

A great question I was asked the other day, “When starting to work out, is it best to work out every day or every other day?”  So I figured I […]

Have Your Supplements Been Spiked?

Just a few days ago, you bought your new pre-workout supplement, and already you can’t believe your results! Your strength has gone through the roof and your previous bests now […]

Is it worth it?

In most areas of life, there’s an awful lot of work that goes into the last ten percent.. Getting your body fat from 11% to 8% is much more difficult […]

How to Lose Fat Around The Chest and Increase The Bench Press

Question: How Can I Lose Fat on the Chest and Increase the Bench Press? How can I lose fat underneath my chest and increase my strength on the bench press […]

7 Minute Abdominal Workout Routines

It is not a secret that having a six pack for guys and a flat stomach for women is desired by everybody!  Being able to go to the beach and […]


LABRADA NUTRITION GOES GREEN WITH ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING MATERIALS New ‘Packing Peanuts’ Offer a Biodegradable and Non-Toxic Shipping Solution Houston, Texas, May 11, 2010– This spring, Labrada Nutrition will help make […]

Why Is Nutrition So Important?

In order for our bodies to function properly and stay healthy, it is important that we follow a good nutritious diet. Foods are made up of 6 classes of nutrients. […]

LISTEN to Jeff Hansen, as he wins the 2010 Lean Body Challenge! (audio)

Click on this audio link to listen as I break the news to Jeff Hansen, Winner of the 2010 Lean Body Challenge, that he has won! Congratulations to Jeff, […]

Protein Made Easy.

How much protein? The rule of thumb is at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. For example, a 100 pound person would take at least 100 […]

7 Nutrition Tips for Express Fat Loss

Let’s face it; no matter how simple it seems, losing weight is not easy.  There are a lot of tasty snacks around, that fit a busy lifestyle, and are easy […]