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From Boiler Room to Board Room – The Power of Goals!

Your road map to success “My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward […]

Are there Steroids in your Supplements?

When it comes to buying supplements, many of us choose on a whim. We go with the packaging we like best or the name we recognize most. Other times, we’ll […]

Bodybuilding Training: 10 Secrets to Training for Building Massive Muscles

We all want to know what the secrets are to building massive muscle mass. While many of us are misled into thinking that the secret comes in the form of […]

Discipline-Good or Bad? Its up to you!

The word discipline can have a very negative meaning.  After all, growing up we got “disciplined” when we did something wrong.  But discipline is simply training. Add the word self in front of […]

The Truth About Supplements: The Interview

There are many good sports supplements out there—those that combined with optimal training and nutrition can help you get the results you desire. But choosing the right ones without getting […]

7 Mistakes to avoid and get bigger arms

Who doesn’t see a greatest of muscular arms walking on the street or on the beach by a nice summer day and think they look amazing. Oh yeah, this is […]

Interval training may provide same benefits as LSD!

LONG SLOW DISTANCE (LSD) is the approach to cardiovascular training typically recommended for increasing aerobic capacity. The problem with this style of training is that it is time-consuming and requires […]

Lessons From Brooklyn

I began my serious weight training and education at R&J Health Studio in Brooklyn.  R&J was made famous by all the incredible bodybuilders who called R&J home, including my good […]

Sick of Skinless Chicken? 4 Tasty Tips to Eating Protein.

Whether you have been reading my blog, books or articles, listened to me on the radio or seen me on TV, you know I encourage protein intake.  Intake is just a different […]

Unconventional Bodybuilding Principles That Force Muscle Growth

Sometimes in order to shock muscles into growth you must do things that are unconventional.  Always remember that the more advanced you are in bodybuilding the harder it is to […]

The Importance of Monday-Seize Monday!

Monday is very important because it sets the tone for your week. Skip your workout on Monday and it is easy to skip Tuesday.  By the time Wednesday rolls around […]

Fight Fat While Eating Out

Who says that you cannot attack your fat while going out to eat with friends and family? This is one of the biggest myths in the history of weight loss […]

I Am Very Honored to be Here!

I am very honored and excited to be here.  I just wanted to say a brief hello today.  I look forward to learning and growing together. I have been banging around […]

Can I Use Aerobic Resistance Bands to Perform A Second Session of Bodybuilding Training

Today on my private forums I was asked the following natural bodybuilding question: Natural Bodybuilding Question; Dear Hugo: Without compromising resistance training, would it do any harm to grab a […]

Why You Should Record What You Eat

Research indicates that when you don’t track your food intake you are very likely to overestimate or underestimate the food you eat in your bodybuilding diet.  Even with someone like […]