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3 Foods That Can Cause You To Gain Weight

These 3 foods in particular have been known to many dieters as being great to lose weight, when in fact they are not!  A majority of the people are eating […]

How to keep your shoulders healthy

Have you ever experienced bad shoulder pain? This is where you realize just how important your shoulders are. Every move you make to grab something, low or high, even simple […]

Send ’em in, then keep going!!!

For almost everyone competing in this Challenge, the sand is pouring through the hourglass; the end is within reach! Some have already finished and have their comparison pictures. Finish the […]

Sticking to The Basics For Fat Loss and Fitness Success

Nowadays there are a number of new diets and exercise gadgets advertised on t.v. or in the fitness magazines that promise you will have the body of your dreams in […]

The Reasons Why You Should Use A Training Journal For Bodybuilding Success

Keeping a training journal is a great tool for achieving your bodybuilding goals!  Recording your bodybuilding routines is great not only for accountability, planning, and motivation, but it also helps […]

Fat Loss Tips For Teens

Teens are the ones who are affected the most by the load of misinformation that is out there about weight loss. I remember being on this boat back when I […]

Meet me at the Arnold Classic in Columbus!

This coming Friday and Saturday, March 5-6th, I’ll be attending the Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus, Ohio. Our Labrada booth numbers are 650-656, directly across from the stage. Stop by […]

Dr. David Ryan on How to Eat RAW and Get BETTER RESULTS with RECOVERY

Eat raw and get better results with recovery? Trainers and Athletes ask me all the time how to get an edge on training.  The majority of current clinical research is […]

Many Talk But Who Actually Walks?

Do you feel like achieving your weight loss or fitness goals are impossible?  If so I would like you to read this article below as I am 100% confident that […]

Are You Frustrated Because You Have Not Accomplished Your Bodybuilding Goals?

There are many reasons why people fail to achieve their bodybuilding goals.  Unfortunately, when goals are missed, many people get frustrated and toss the whole bodybuilding  program and never come […]