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Be Prepared

You know the feeling, it’s late at night and you are driving home. You had a nice day at work and the radio is blaring just the perfect mix of […]

Is High Cholesterol Killing Your Child?

HealthDay News reports that a new study from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests 20 percent of US children and teens “have abnormal lipid levels, an […]

Abdominal Training Routines for Bodybuilders

Since I get so many questions on what good abdominal training routines look like, below are three ab routines that can be performed easily from the comfort of your home […]

Celebrate your Successes!

I was working and having a difficult time. For some reason, my pants wouldn’t stay where they were supposed to. I “hitched them up,” only to find that a few […]

Are Food Seasonings Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goals?

With so much emphasis being placed on what foods to eat and exercises to perform, a topic that does not get discussed very often is the one of food seasonings. […]

From The Vault: Blast Your Calves

Been trying to coax your calf muscles to grow without any success? If so, you’re not alone. The calves are one of the most difficult muscle groups to stimulate in […]

Use Triceps Pushdowns for A Better Triceps Workout

The triceps pushdowns are an excellent bodybuilding exercise to work the triceps. With different cable attachments you can focus on different parts of the triceps.

My thoughts after week 1….

I am in my second week of the challenge and wanted to post some notes to help other contestants. The thoughts that I provide are just nuggets of knowledge that […]

How to Stimulate your Muscle Fibers

Today I will give you one of the best tips that will allow you to build a great athletic physique. You are probably asking yourself what kind of tip it […]

Boxing Fitness by Dr. David Ryan and James “Buster” Douglas (Former Heavy Weight Champion of the World)

Boxing has always defined our times.  The Romans and Gladiators would stage large fights and this grew to the sport of boxing that has brought the world together to wonder […]

New Years 2010 Lean Body Challenge

Four days. Four days until the deadline. Registration is still being accepted up to January 11th. If you have already made your New Year’s Resolution and are determined that this […]

Does Fat Loss Become Harder To Achieve The Lower You Are in Body Fat Percentage

Question: Does Fat Loss Become Harder as Your Body Fat Percentage Gets Lower? Is there a difference between going from overweight or obese to normal weight, and going from normal […]

5 Myths About Fat Loss

When it comes to fat loss there are many myths and misconceptions on how to accomplish it. Because of that, I decided to put together this article in an effort […]