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Introduction to A Bodybuilding Diet

Before we go into the details of what bodybuilding diets are composed of, let’s first and foremost define what the word diet means. What’s A Diet? The word diet typically […]

Here I go again!

A few weeks ago I watched a popular weight loss show that runs on TV. I was especially interested in this particular episode because it was going to chronicle past […]

Test Your Limits With This Challenging Bodybuilding Workout

Sometimes, the best bodybuilding workout is the one that breaks all the rules. As someone who has been practicing the bodybuilding lifestyle now for 20 years, I have learned that […]

Mascha Tieken: Let Me Introduce Myself

First of all I want to thank Lee Labrada for the opportunity he gave me and I`m happy to write blogs for the Labrada Website.   Please let me introduce […]

Pack A Bag

The new year is rapidly approaching, and it’s time for us to contemplate New Year’s resolutions! Mine came earlier than expected. A few months ago, feelings of guilt and remorse […]

NBA Star Joakim Noah Hits the Weightroom

Hey guys– Check out this great article on NBA star Joakim Noah which describes how he has transformed his body in the weight room. Joakim is a big fan of Labrada […]

Training During the Holidays

The Holidays are approaching, Thanksgiving leading the way with Christmas and New Years closely behind. They are a time of joy and happiness. However, unfortunately, it is during this time […]